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The ban period may change from permanent to temporary and from temporary to permanent depending on the player's behavior, the seriousness of the act and the number of deviations from game's rules the player made playing here!

1. Any kind of theft, fraud (items, accounts, yang)
2. Use of hacks.
3. You pretend you make part of game's team.
4. Abuse of bugs. If you find a bug you have to report it to the game's team.
5. Insults to the game's team.
6. Real life threats.
7. Racism
8. Trade between servers or trade with real money including attempts.
9. Trade that involves the sale or purchase of an account.
10. Account ban if you don't answer to "Are you a robot?" question while farming
11. Farming guild win points. (winning wars with fake guilds)

1. If you don't write your post in english on shout and trade chats.
2. Insults anywhere in the game, inappropriate behavior, blackmail and spam.
3. Disturbing an event.
4. No evidence acusations made to staff members or other players.
5. Spam simbol on chat

6. Spawn kill.
Only video evidence is accepted. The player can get banned when he kills you several times though you explain to him that you don't want to be part of this activity. For example: You are farming and player x kills you several times. You explain to him that you want him to leave you alone, and if he continues then send through ticket a video proof and he be banned.

It is an online game, and the player has the right to privacy. The rule is very strict, especially in farm areas.

Some rules explained
- The player who is in map1, but doesn't belong to that kingdom is not protected by the rule.
- The player is protected if he is there for a purpose other than pvp.
- If player stays where groups of players make pvp is not protected by the rule unless it is directly attacked. The other players are not responsible if the player was too close to the damage range of their abilities.
- The high level player who attacks the low level player can get banned. Except if the low-level player first attacks the high-level one. (physically, verbally)

Any violation of the policy can be reported to [email protected] or by opening one ticket where you need to provide evidence (prints, videos)

The rightful owner of the account is the holder of the e-mail under which that account is registered. The team of this server is not responsible for the loss, theft or expiration of an account's email address.

Please respect and don't insist on attempting to find an email address for an account because no staff member will provide you with such information.

Things that are not provided by this Regulation are left to the discretion and judgment of the staff members. However, we will try to keep these updated rules to cover new emerging situations or to clarify the rules already established.

Exceptional exceptions can be made and remain at the decision of the team.
- The team doesn't deal with intermediaries.
- We do not respond to item or yang loan.
- We do not respond to objects given to someone willingly
- The team of this server is not responsible for lost objects due to the negative rank.
- Team is not responsible for items lost and other things that result from the player's actions.

- PvP in farm areas is only allowed if you want to beat the boss, or the stones. If you come in to make pvp in farm areas just to bother players you can take temporarily ban, or permanently if you ignore GM's warning.