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Are these giants really strong? It remains to be seen

New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods

Golden Skull -

An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?


Calliope is a free to play mmorpg game available in 11 languages. We have a large team that provides support for each language and every day we strive to provide the best gaming experience. The purpose of the game is to accumulate experience and go through levels fighting monsters. By rising in level you can explore new worlds and get better equipment.

General info:

You can fly on the new flying mounts.
We have many players online and we have been around for a long time.
Our client is very well optimized.
We release updates every week.
Dungeons for any level.
We created unique systems.
Daily events.
Itemshop items can be obtained in-game.

Speed server opening on 01.07.2023 19:00 GMT+3 :

You receive double the yang, items and exp.
If you enter in the first two days of the server start for the next 10 days you will have the 24h pvm buff active for free. After that you can craft it with items.
50% less yang required for switchbot including the extra speed options.
Okay Cards event with amazing prizes during Weekend days.
Stones and bosses will have smaller hp for the first two weeks on the speed server.
Increased Hide and Seek reward.
Increased Frogs event reward.
Increased Tanaka event reward.
Increased WarZone reward.
Increased Boss invasion event reward.
Increased Fish Event fishing rate.

Languages available:


Join our discord channel and chat with many other players.

Start items

When you enter for the first time you will receive the newbie equipment +9, a special mount, pet and an amulet that will help you fight better. You get teleport ring with unlimited teleportations and the Apprentice Chest. Important: The Apprentice Chest will give very important items at high level as coins voucher and reputation gems.

Strong against monsters 15%

Exp 30%
Max.Hp +1000

Strong against monsters 15%
Max.Hp +1500

Useful systems Equipment
  Shortcuts      Armors
   Status points    Weapons
  Companions    Scarves
  Reborn    Talismans
  Dungeon timer    Belts
 Search Shop    Costume

Drops Quests
  Chests  Reputation
  Fishing   Skills 7 and 8
  Boss   Biologist
 Metin   Skulls Hunting
  Where do I drop...?   Alchemy

  Slime - Lv.40   Mushroom - Lv.100
  Azrael - Lv.75   Duratus - Lv.105
  Garden - Lv.80   Zodiac - Lv.110
  Ganesha - Lv.85   Owls - Lv.115
  Razador - Lv.90   Golden Valley - Lv.117
  Nemere - Lv.90   Serpent - Lv.117
  Aqua - Lv.90


Skulls hunting
Ever since these monsters began to attack the world, humans have had to adapt and learn to defeat them by training from a very young age. The art of potions made us stronger and gave us an advantage against them. These monsters are led by powerful bosses, maybe if you bring their heads to the Alchemist he can find out what is behind their power.

To become stronger than them, the alchemy may be the answer.

It is believed that the Alchemist thinks he can infuse a little power from them into your body.

The Skull Hunting page can be opened from the minimap by pressing the circled button

The skulls of the bosses
1. The heads drops in dungeons at the displayed bosses.
2. They do not drop if you entered directly from hydra.
3. To active a head slot you need to deliver the head to the Alchemist. Success rate is 75%.
4. Once activated the slot cannot be deactivated and is permanent.
5. When a slot is active it becomes colorful

Click to see how the activated slots looks

Click to see the heads bonuses Baroness Head - +1% strong against animals
Duratus Head - +1% strong against mystics
Hydra Head - +2% double yang drop chance
Meley Head - +4 strenght
Shax Head - +500 HP
Fireghost Head - +1% strong against half-humans
Zhangbao Head - +1% strong against half-humans
Owl Head - +4 vitality
Zodiac Head - +2% double item drop chance
Tyrant Head - 1% strong against undead
Nemere Head - +1% strong against animals
Mushroom Head - +4 dexterity
Aqua Head - +4 inteligence
Ganesha Head - +1% strong against mystics
Razador Head - +20 attack
Beran Head - +1% strong against devils
Reaper Head - +1% strong against undeads
Jotun Head - +1% strong against orcs
Slime Head - +1% strong against orcs
Azrael Head - +1% strong against devils

Golden Skull
1. This skull can be obtained by pressing the button in the lower right corner. You must have all the skulls in your inventory and they will be taken from you when you press the button.
2. The skull offers all the bonuses given by the other heads, but bigger.
3. While the other heads are permanent, the power of this skull disappears after 30 days.

Golden Skull
+3% strong against animals
+3% strong against devils
+3% strong against mystics
+3% strong against undeads
+3% strong against orcs
+3% strong against half-humans
+750 HP
+30 attack
+3% double item drop chance
+3% double yang drop chance
+6 dexterity
+6 inteligence
+6 vitality
+6 strenght

Improved skills

This system allows you to change your skills color using give different color combinations. This will work if your skills are at perfect level.


This costumes can be obtained for free in game from events, crafting and dungeons.
Sash system

It makes part of the visible equipment, like the weapon and armor. The scarf is fitted in the costumes window, which can be opened via inventory. You can hide your scarf at anytime from costume page like you can do with all the other costumes.

Smiley face More details

To make a scarf you have to give to Theowahdan from map1 x200 fine cloth dropable at medium level bosses. The scarves have 3 "default" bonuses + 3 more that can randomly switch from changing at Theowahdan the bonuses. In order to obtain all 3 bonuses you have to move the scarf on theowahdan until it drops. Also to change them all without losing them you have a scarf switch. To evolve the scarves go to Seon Pyeong and move them on him. The maximum evolution is (Custom). Evolution of the scarf will increase the first 3 bonuses of the scarf, and the last 3 must be made to theowahdan by changing them.


Ground or flying mounts. This animals are cheap to get and the best to have because they provide you the ability to go anywhere in no time.

You can obtain them from: Events, Dungeons and Crafting.
Shaman and the daily vote (pet)

It is a shaman pet that can be raised up to level 60. He can be called to you immediately anywhere and at level 60 he will have an bonus power of 45%.

Where can I get it?

Go to the first respawn location in city 1 at the "Starter" npc and buy the shaman.

The shaman's menu

From the shaman's menu you can activate the bonuses or increase the shaman's level.

Between levels 1 - 10 you need: 5x Demon Ashes which drops at v4 monsters.
Between levels 10 - 20 you need: 100x Fine cloth which drops at 9tails.
Between levels 20 - 30 you need: 500x Flower Biologist which drops from moonlight chests.
Between levels 30 - 40 you need: 10x Dragon claws which drops at the Blue Dragon.
Between levels 40 - 50 you need: 10x Dragon scales which drops at the Blue Dragon.
Between levels 50 - 60 you need: 100x Blessing Scrolls which drops at stones.

The items are required for each level.

Biologist Chaegirab

Biologist Lv. 30
10x Jinunggyi's Soul Stone  
+ 30 attack value

Biologist Lv. 40
10x Temple Soul Stone  
+ 10% Chance of critical hit

Biologist Lv. 50
10x Sagyi's Soul Stone  
+ 60 defence points

Biologist Lv. 60
10x Aurtumryu's Soul Stone  
+ 1000 HP

Biologist lv. 70
45x Zelkova Branch  

+ 20% hp regeneration
+ 5% chance of piercing hit

Biologist lv. 80
45x Tugyi's Tablet  

+ 5% chance of critical hit
+ 15% charm

Biologist lv. 85
45x Red Ghost Tree Branch  

+ 10% resistance for all races

Biologist lv. 90
50x Leaders' Notes  

+ 10% strong half-humans.

The Captain

The Captain is found in every city 1 of every kingdom. It offers for sale high value jewelry and rare items. Some objects are bought with points accumulated from bosses and destroyed stones.

Blue Kingdom: (292, 640)
Red Kingdom: (574, 532)
Yellow Kingdom: (527, 688)

All matter from this world contains magic, but not all can use the magic. It's just there, but without practical use. Blue and gold jewelry can find the unused magic inside items and use it to increase the status of the equipment.

Both blue and gold jewelry drop to all the monsters in the game. Because the items are rare, every weekend the drop rates are doubled.

You can buy a Golden Reputation Gem with 3x Blue Reputation Gem.
You can buy a Blue Reputation Gem with Dungeon Tickets.
You can buy a Blue Reputation Gem with Easter Basket during Easter event.
You can buy a Blue Reputation Gem with Socks during Christmas event.
You can buy a Blue Reputation Gem with Pumpkins during Halloween event.

For equipment blue gems increases the default bonuses with 40%, and goldens 50%.
For weapons blue gems increases the default bonuses with 10%, and goldens 16%.

There are other items that can be bought from this merchant:

Experience potion (duration 60 minutes)
This experience potion gives you 50% more experience ignoring any experience limit the game has.

Half-Humans potion (3 hours)
This potion will give you 10% more damage against half-humans for 3 hours.

Attack potion potion (3 hours)
This potion will give you +150 more attack points for 3 hours.

You can find your crime statistics page on the C page.


The Talismans are also called elemental talismans because they are formed of 6 kinds, covering the 6 basic elemental resistances such as fire, wind, earth, lightning, ice and darkness.

Talismans can be bonused like the other items, besides the talisman's basic bonus, you can add 5 bonuses with Reinforce Bonus Talisman and you can change bonuses with Enchance Bonus Talisman. You can read all the details on the wiki page.

Smiley face Shop offline

It has this name because when you make a shop to sell items, you don't transform into a shop anymore, it will appear next to you and even if you are offline the shop will remain open. From anywhere, you can retire, add items, close, open another shop and change it's name.

Smiley face Search shop
Search shop page can be opened from minimap or with f12 key. It allows you to buy items from shops from anywhere no matter the map or channel. You can search items by their name, amount and quantity and also by category.

Smiley face Fast Change channel mode

You can change the channel without logging out, by just pressing ESC > Change channel, choose the channel and press OK. You can change the channel even if you are attacked by a monster.

Smiley face Activation of waters, dews, potions

Now with just one press of ctrl+v all potions will be activated automatically.

Smiley face Dungeon page

Dungeon page allows you to see when you can enter again in the game's dungeons and allows you to also teleport directly to their entrance. You can open this page using f12 key or through minimap button.

Queen Slime Cave, specially designed for beginners to enter from level 40. Here you can farm gold bars and books that drops only for your skill type.

Infected Garden, for new players, but also for the high ones who have a farmer of at least lv.70. Here you can obtain the pvm accesories.

A story and a special mission for players who want the best equipment. Drops some special powerfull helmets.

Just look how Hydra transformed Poseidon into a stone. Defeating Hydra you will be awarded by the other gods with pvp bonuses that will keep for hours. A perfect dungeon to prepare yourself for a PvP.

Killing hydra you receive:
Special bonuses for 3 hours.
Teleport points. With teleport points you can teleport to certain dungeons directly at bosses

Zodiac Temple - Defeating the zodiac demon lord, you will obtain upgrade items for you to craft strong weapons and armors blessed by the power of the true zodiac gods.

Ganesha ruins - This is the perfect dungeon to exploit in order to build a the strongest pvm equipment. But ganesha does not have a weak spirit. It will not be easy to defeat him.



Golden Valley

Smiley face Permanent seasonal events

There is always an active event celebrating the seasons of the year. Summer, halloween, easter and winter events, all of them brings good awards and decorations specific to the season

Daily events

The War of Characters
A pvp event where you can make yang defeating players of +-10 levels. You can get a medal over your head with 1, 2 or 3 depending on how much you kill until the event it's finished. At over 90 killed players, you're awarded with coins. The event is completely automatic, and it also has time limits for those who you killed, check for not to beat yourself, life potions and mounts don't work, and when you die and get up you are always respawned at a random point from the map with fully loaded life.

Boss invasion
Every Thursday at this event a lot of different bosses are spawned automatically by the system. If you defeat one, another appears in the same place.

Golden Frogs
Every Friday you can enter this map to farm the tanaka ears that drops on these golden frogs. At Mr.Soon from map1 you can change them to yang.


The Pickup button, will automatically take the items from the ground for you. If you want to filter the drop, press esc key then Game options and down to the pickup filter you have to choose between books, stones, upgrade, equipment.

Enchanced belts - Ochao Temple

Level: 110

Map: Ochao - level 110

Bonus: Orcs

Queen's belt+9  
Shadow belt +9  
Inscriptions belt+9  
Bear belt+9  
Lion belt+9  
Belt of blood+9  

Permanent costumes

At Captain you can craft new permanent suits. Different items are required for crafting them and a fee of yang. Captain is located in every kingdom.

Weapon skins

Weapon skins are the same as armor costumes. When you wear a weapon skin, it will be seen instead of the weapon, and it will also give you some bonuses.Most of them offer the following bonuses: 20 attack value and 5% strong against monsters.

They drop at many other bosses, but some of them are : Owl, Red Dragon, Nemere, Shax from demons tower 2, Zodiac

Special inventory and new slot for the F5-F8 keys

By pressing the U key you can open an inventory where all stones, books and upgrade items go. On the right you can see the new slot where you can put your skills, pet, mounts and other items you can use by clicking or using the F5-F8 keys. Pressing x you will hide the slot bar, but the keys will still work.

Player's damage top

Captain let you see the top damage of players. The ranking gets reseted every some weeks.


Reborn will only reset your level, and in return you will receive a rank next to name which you can hide if you want and also you receive the bonuses in the image. Skills and missions are not reseted. After the 3 levels of reborn you will no longer receive bonuses as reward, however you will be able to reset your level whenever you want if you pay a yang fee and having a level of 117.

The image was resized to fit the page

Anti-Spam security measures

We developed a strong anti-spam measure in order to block the thieves. You can play safe on our server. You also can save your data with f1-f8 keys and auto-login by pressing click on the buttons

Shortcut keys

You can use ctrl key to preview items from everywhere like shops, crafting pages etc.

Colors in chat
You can write in chat with different colors using our simple color page.

Random players in friend list
From friends page you can see random players that have the same language as you. This will help every new players make new friends. Of course, you can disable this option from game options. The list will be hidden for you and you wont appear online for the others.

Search feature
Now you can search for your friends or guild members faster than ever before.

For more details check our new wiki page. We add new data at every update we make