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Are these giants really strong? It remains to be seen

New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods

Golden Skull -

An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?



Dear community, here you can read the latest updates made or future updates which are still in development. Click on the link below



Update 22.11.2023
1. Skulls name visible in the skulls panel.
2. Search shop by player name (button visible in whisper page).
3. Soul stones, concentrate reading, exo scrolls, any book chests drop or stacks direct in the books inventory.
4. Able to transfer (U) items to (I) Inventory.
5. Increased dmg for war aura in PvM.
6. Fire Talisman drops at Flame King (fire country)
7. Fire Talisman drops at Fireghost Spirit (golden Valley)
8. Added the ability to open search shop directly to the upgrade item from the craft/upgrade window (when it displays what upgrades you require).
9. It is not possible to delete/throw quest items in dungeons to avoid deleting a dungeon item that may be essential for its progression.
10. The drop of the last boss in DT has been improved. DT is a historically significant dungeon in this game that merits more consideration.
11. Better spawn points in the WarZone map to facilitate more kills.

Update 09.11.2023
Owl map changes:
1. Changed Nightmare weapon skins from 5% to 20% monsters to match the new skins.
2. Moved the Helmets drop from Owlbus to the Blacksmith Craft shop.
3. Monsters also drop magical materials.
4. Reduced the respawn duration of stones from 120s to 30s (same as in Golden Valley).

Other game changes:
6. Okay event is over.
7. Every Saturday, the event of 50% more pet level-up experience will auto activate.
8. You can turn off the 24 hour thief's glove effect at any moment.
9. Resolved the character's inability to mount after auto-revive (while using the auto farm bravery cape).
10. You can now trade with characters from your friend list without the "exceeding level 30 limit".
11. Increased the monsters in the Halloween(old), Easter, Summer, Jotun, Cowboy, Nightmare, Zodiac, Dragon, Nemere and Shax weapon skins from 5%-10% to 20%, as in the new skins.
12. 30 day version of ishop Tiger/Dragon bone earrings added. The 15-day version is still available.
13. Ctrl + left click will open the complete item count, not just 200 and with a faster speed. Also, if you want to cancel the fast opening simply press ctrl+left click on it or any other item.

Update 01.11.2023
1. Even if you have blocked Equipment pickup, you can continue picking up talismans.
2. Every Saturday, leveling pets gain 50% more experience.
3. Moonlight drop has been reduced as we want to raise their market price and boost their sales profit.
4. According to the wiki, the wind talisman drops at Polyphemos with this update.
5. When you activate auto farm cape you will be set on peace mode (to avoid losing items from negative grade killing players)
6. Show the number of items you get (in the chat) when you pick up something.
7. You can craft 10 young companion books with 500 moonlight and 500 floral chests.
8. Transmutation Reversal cannot be used on scarfs (because there is another item for them which returns the wings back to your inventory instead of removing them as transmutation reversal does).

Update 14.10.2023
1. Different icons in the inventory and search shop for 7% and 10% energy crystals.
2. The block bonus limit has been reduced from 65% to 60%.
3. Extra spawn locations in Giants Valley.
4. Extra spawn locations in Golden Valley.
5. Fixed spawn locations in Phantom Forest.
6. A wiki button has been added to the dungeon page (ctrl+d).
7. Auto-hunt bravery cape now has auto-revive.
8. Longer Sha/Lycan/Sura/Aura buff skills time.

Update 11.08.2023
Speed Server remains active during August and September

As you know, some people want the merge, some don't for obvious reasons: better rates and the possibility to evolve more easily on Olympia. We are also reluctant to merge because this month a large community will be shutting down, and we expect to welcome a good portion of those players to our server. Why would we stop Olympia now? But also enough players want the merge, so I propose a completely different solution:

We will do the merge, but the game setup will remain as Olympia this month and the next. From our point of view it is the best solution for the current situation, because it would be a mistake to remove Olympia right when that community is closing and we will have so many players wanting a new server to play on.

Things you need to know after the merge:

- Offline shops were closed after the merge so you can reopen them with the proper price.
- If you had a bank account with 0 yang on it it has been deleted. Recreate it, because it costs you nothing, also if you had the same bank user on both sv1 and sv2, add a 0 at the beginning of the account on olympia.