Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen

New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods

Golden Skull -

An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?



Dear community, here you can read the latest updates made or future updates which are still in development. Click on the link below



Update 21.11.2022
1. Teleport ring > Atlantis teleports you directly to Ice Witch
2. Solved the change equipment inventory issue in which sometimes you couldn't equip weap skins if the weapon was golden or vice versa.
3. Solved the issue in which halloween mount bat required cakes to be crafted instead of pumpkins.
4. Solved the height of snake's queen name.
5. Solved duratus monsters not receiving damage sometimes.
6. Completly translated the duratus dungeon npc/chat messages. Chat messages moved to the notice bar like the other dungeons have.
7. You will be able to search items in the search shop also using a partial name like "Sword" and it will display all the items that contains this word.

Update 16.11.2022
Meet the new equipment changer!

- You have 7 different equipments.
- Each page has it's own inventory. You have a lot more space in your normal inventory.
- Change your equipment with just one click.
- You can give a name to each equipment model.

Update 28.10.2022
01. Polymorph and riding won't work in pvp populated areas from map1. You can't start riding around this areas and if you come from another areas your riding and polymorph will be automatically stopped.
02. Option to disable event announcements (use ALT+E to enable/disable the popup quest for event teleportation). + this notification does not get sent to minimised clients anymore
03. Mouse scroll between inventories in storage room too
04. Added the Dokkaebi half-human costume version at jack
05. When upgrading talismans, besides the usual upps, made it ask for 10x +0 talismans. Also +0 talismans are stackable if they have no bonus
06. 1 campfire = 5 min
07. Can't buy the items from shops with expired time
08. Made "wild boar certificate" stackable
09. Created 1b gold bars (stackable)
10. After death you will have to reactivate the auto-hunt bravery cape
11. Special inventory for the costumes (with 5 pages) U key.

Update 14.10.2022
1. Multi-farm block for stones increased from two to three characters/ip.
2. Monsters are not returning to spawn spot if they have to walk over a "blocking object" while using bravery cape anymore while inside halloween map.
3. Fixed issues releated to Reinforce scarf+
4. Map1 button while inside halloween dungeon sends you to map2 to jack.
5. Equal drop for Zhangbao Head and Fireghost Head
6. Longer teleported out time in Aqua after you finish the dungen
7. Vampire Halloween costumes with half-humans too
8. Mount certificates from metins are stackable
9. Added "Teleport" inside Lord Monkey quest, to take you directly to Monkey Lord
10. Added "Teleport" inside Giants Valley quest, to take you directly to Tai Lung
11. Made Sapphire bracalet/necklace wear level lowered to 95
12. Translated the aqua, razador, snake, slime, devil towers, infected garden and ganesha dungeons chat indications and moved all to the notice bar (same as how halloween dungeon has)

Update 28.09.2022
1. Changed the icons of one of the Tiger Bone Bracelet and Dragon bone Bracelet so you can differentiate them easier.
2. Minimap monsters name are bold so you can read them easier.
3. Teleporting to a player using the private message button will require yes/no confirmation.
4. The same will apply to the mute button that moderators have, to completely fix the missclicks.
5. When you change the fps, the game will restart in order to sync properly all the animations, but it will ask you to confirm if you want this.
6. The start another client button is back in the system page (esc) now working properly (will no longer cause disconnects on change channel).
7. You will be able to select multiple players from your friend and guild lists and pm or delete them at once. (delete guild members only if you are the leader).
8. Meley and Hydra bonuses increased to last for 10 hours of online play.
- hydra cooldown to receive teleports will remain 3 hours of realtime. (does pass while offline too)

8. Dojang changes:
Prize for each duel won: 20kkk
Prize for each duel lost: 12kkk
+ more yang
+ losers do receive yang too
+ added ip limit for the map meaning you can register with only one character / level category.

9. Warzone changes:
Yang per kill: 4.500.000.000 yang
Yang per kill equal or over level 105: 4.800.000.000 yang
- reduced spawn locations.
- spawn locations increase automatically based on player numbers.

8. Properly positioned the wings on ninjas.
9. One more ganesha at the boss event.
10. At the level 25 begginer quest ninja can pick swords too.
11. You will not receive damage as long as you are fishing.
12. French language is visible again on login page.
13. Faster pet auto-pickup in boss event map.
14. Can't equip anymore bone items if stacked.

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