Atlantis Dungeon

 This year we have new summer costumes, weapon skins and wings. We will no longer have the old summer map, but a new dungeon: Pirate Cave! Besides this new items you will be able to craft pets, mounts or drop special items inside the dungeon at the last bosses.

 This place was very busy in the past. Pirates from whole world traveled into this cave and exchanged their loots with others. Only pirates knew where exactly is this place. But one day, on of them cursed the whole place and since then, every pirate who step into the cave turned into undead monster. For a long time they werent able to leave the cave, but it has changed. They are dangerous for every ship and they must be stopped! To be able to enter into this cave you need to craft 1x Old pirate compass with 20x Ice cream cakes. You can farm this ice cream cakes at all metin stones.


 Finishing the three stage you will obtain: Pile of Gold, Chest of pirate king and Pirate treasure box. You will need them to craft the new items

   Stage 1

 Kill all monsters to get "Curse of dutchman". Use this item to destroy a pillar. You get an item from the pillar. Use it to destroy Box with bombs and every time you destroy a box a boss is spawned.
After you repeat this 4 times, destroy the 8 stones in defined time (12 minutes). If you don’t destroy in that time, boss from stage 2 will have 30% more HP

   Stage 2

1. There are 4 Boxes with treasure. You have to empty them and take the gold from it. Everytime you destroy a stone a wave of monsters will be spawned. Kill all monsters to drop an item. Use that item to empty the chests of treasures.
2. Repeat that 4x for each chest
3. Kill the boss
4. Take reward from spawned chest

   Stage 3

1. Kill the boss within defined time (3 minutes by deafult). If you don’t kill him in that time, a stone is spawned and you have to destroy it first. If you kill the boss while the stone isn’t destroyed yet, the boss will spawn again.
2. After you kill the boss, Soul monument and monsters are spawned.
3. Kill the monsters until you find a key and move the key on the soul monument until you destroy the soul monument completly (similar to ganesha)
4. Find the real stone and destroy it
5. Kill Final boss

 Take reward from the spawned chest (search it near to you)

Cooldown: No cooldown
Bonus required: Undead
Level: 50-127

Drop Ice cream cake
Sungura Costume (M)
Sungura Dress (F)
Sungura Costume (M)
Sungura Dress (F)
Donnie (Seal)
Potion of Spirit (3h)
Crescent Moon Ring
Ring of Joy
Unicorn Seal
Nightmare Seal
Fine Cloth
Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Energy Crystal
Gold 500.000.000 yang
Lolly the Mighty
Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Tiger Bone Bracelet
Dragon Bone Bracelet
Baby Azrael
Liq. semi-humans (3h)
Liq. strong attack (3h)


🔶 Introduction
The goal is to make combinations of sets and numbers. A set consists of 3 cards with the same number (ex: 7,7,7). The lower the number on the cards, the lower the score. The numbers consist of 3 consecutive cards (ex: 6,7,8). The smaller the numbers on the cards, the fewer points you will receive. If the cards are the same color, you will receive more points than if they were different colors.

Starting the game
During the event in the game in the botton left there will be a Card Game blue quest. To start the game you need 1x Okey Card Set which is made of 24x Okey Collection Card (monster drop).

🔶 Rewards
Under 100 points:
05x Ice cream cake
10x Refine potion low
10x Refine potion medium
10x Refine potion extra

Under 250 points and over 100:
1x White lion
1x Liq. semi-humans (3h)
1x Liq. strong attack (3h)
1x Captain special Experience Potion (1h)
5x Ice cream cake
5x Enchant talisman
100x Golden Medal of Heros

Under 300 points and over 250:
5x Captain special Experience Potion (1h)
10x Ice cream cake
20x Ticket dungeons
20x Cor dragonis
20x Enchant talisman

Under 400 points and over 300:
1x Mount horse fire (25 monster, 100 attack, 1khp)
2x Blue gems
10x Captain special Experience Potion (1h)
15x Ice cream cake
200x Meteorite stone

Under 500 points and over 400:
1x Mount horse fire (25 monster, 100 attack, 1khp)
3x Blue gems
10x Captain special Experience Potion (1h)
20x Ice cream cake
200x Meteorite stone

Over 500 points:
1x Golden reputation gem
1x Crescent Moon Ring+++
1x Lolly the Mighty+++
10x Captain special Experience Potion (1h)
20x Ice cream cake
200x #Red Dew (Q) (normal dews with cooldown)
200x #Pink Dew (Q)
200x #Yellow Dew (Q)
200x #Green Dew (Q)
200x #Blue Dew (Q)