1. They make part of the visible equipment, like weapons and armors.
2. The scarfs are equiped in the costume page.
3. They have no expiration time.
4. Can be equipped at any level.

    1. Obtaining a scarf

   You can buy them from Theowahdan with 200x Fine Cloth + 50x Meteorite stone .
   Theowahdan is located within all three kingdoms.

    2. Getting more bonuses

   They have three basic bonuses that can't be changed, but can be increased if you evolve them. There are four levels: Beginner, Good Luck, Noble and Custom. You can add up to three more bonuses by moving the scarf on Theowahdan. Use this method only to obtain more bonuses on the scarf, not to change it's bonuses.

    3. Changing the bonuses

   To change the bonuses, press ctrl + left click on the scarf. A scarf switchbot will open.