When you reborn, the following things will happen:

  To reborn you must have level 117.
  Your level will be reset and you will be sent to map1. Equipped items will be taken down.
  Missions and skills will not be reset.
  One of the following ranks will be displayed next to your name RI, RII si RIII.

  At each reborn you will receive 4 permanent bonuses (5% more life points, critical hit, half-humans and piercing). You can reborn up to three times so you will have a total of 15% more life points, critical, half-humans and piercing.

  You can hide the rank by pressing the gray button next to the X close button.

    Can I still reset my level after I finished the three reborns?

  It is recommended to use the Forget Level item to reset the level after reborn, if that's what you wish. You can find it at the General Store. You will not lose your reborn, skills or missions.