Required level: 115-127
   Cooldown: 0 minutes
   Talisman: Wind
   Bonus: Animals

Entrance: Level 115 - from Dungeon Information page (ctrl+d)
In this map you can easily grow starting level 117.

   Stage 1
The stones located in this map drops Magic Material. With 200 magic material at the blacksmith of this map you can create a key that can teleport you to Dumbledore inside a dungeon.

   Stage 2
You can get two helmets with average damage bonus and skill damage if you beat the Dumbledore inside the dungeon. In addition, he also drops weapons skins, and Dumbledore outside the dungeon appears several times every Monday in the World Boss Event which has a different type of drop consisting of gems and upgrade items.

Before the leader uses the key all group members must be near him.

Drop Owlbus Dumbledore
Root Helmet+0
Owl helmet+0
The Owl Treasure
The Root Box
The Book of the Owls
Pet Owl
Owl Head