Beginner's Guide:

In the beginning it is recommended to start playing with a character specially designed for the farm. The best races for this are in the following order: Lycan, Aura Warrior and the last is Sura White Weapons.

1. The first time you enter the game you will receive an equipment that will help you grow more easily. That includes +9 gear, costume, hairstyle, pet, mount and more.

2. Keep the beginner's chest in your inventory because it will provide important things for your progress in the game.

3. Stones, books, upgrade items and the flowers will go into the special inventory which is opened with the U key, and the main inventory is opened with the I key.

4. You can sell the +3 stones at the General store, and the flowers are good for making dews at the Alchemist, but they are also in high demand and you can sell them to players via the offline store (K key). If you want to see what the players are selling, the "search shop" can be found on the minimap or by pressing the F11 key.

5. Starting with level 5 you can choose your type of magic by opening the mission called "Training". For your spells to reach stage M you need 17 points, 55 books read for G, and then using the Spirit Stone you can do P. You can find "Concentrated Reading" and "Exorcisms" in Moonlight and Training Chests. Moonlight chests = monsters drop, Training Chests = stones.

When you level up, you will receive status points. Press the C key and you will be able to increase your status. Each race needs a different status that you can find out here:

1. The game has a set of reward missions specially designed to help novice players level up more easily.

2. Reinforce bonus (item) is found at the general store with yang, but you also get it in inside the beginner's chest. To change item bonuses either use change bonus received from beginner's chest or use switchbot (f10). You can bonus your equipment in the following way:

Armor: 2000 hp (+ attack value)
Helmet: 30 regeneration pv (+ speed attack)
Weapons: 12 str
Bracelet: 2000 hp
Necklace: 2000 hp, (+ critics)
Earrings: 20% more drop for objects
Shield: str, defense against blackouts
Shoes: 2000 hp (+ critics)

3. After completing the level 10 mission (map1) you can move to map2 where you will get the next mission. You can see the mission rewards and what you have to do at the link above. In map2 you can farm for stones "Yang Coupons", "Meteorite Stones" and Transformation Orbs. It will also drop level 30 accessories.

4. Many upgrade items for basic items can be found at the Blacksmith. Use the Magic Stone to power up the items.

5. At level 20 you can start using Talismans +0, here you have more info about them:

    At level 30:

a) Auto Attack button becomes visible in most all farm maps
b) Start to build your Alchemy with Cor Draconis that drops at monsters
c) Catch fish and craft stones+5 & EC vouchers. It's easier to do this on Wednesday when the fishing event starts.
d) Do the first Biologist Mission.

1. Start farming Cor Draconis and items needed for the level 30 and 40 Biologist quests in Seungryong Valley. Equipment items of level 35 or more that you don’t need take them to the Alchemist and create with them Energy Fragments.

2. With the created Energy Fragments buy Energy Crystals from Alchemist's Shop.

3. You should start adding bonuses to your items that are used in certain dungeons. For Slime, you can add undead on weapon, helmet, earrings, bracelet also on sash.

4. You can craft Sashes at Theowhadan in map1 with Fine cloth (drops at small bosses like Chief Orc, Queen Spider from sd1, Monkey Lord from Desert - Monkey Temple, Dark Leader from Demon Temple Room 10) and meteorites (drops at stones)

a) Best way to make yang at 1-39: farm stones for meteorites, coupons, spirit stones, blessing scrolls. Also, with items that drops from monsters make energy fragments. Some items are wanted to be bonused. Before turning them into energy crystals, check the search shop to see if they sell for a better price.

b) With luck, you might drop reputation gems, these are used to increase the status of your items

    At level 40:

1. From level 40 you can start farming in Dungeons. Slime is the first. You can drop x10 skill books at once from Slime directly for your magic type, but also gold bars.

2. At this level you can enter at Reaper’s Demon Tower to farm for biologist stone and demon ash. You need demon’s ashes to raise your Shamy pet. At this level you could also drop it from 9 Tails in Sohan.

    Best way to make yang at 40-79:

a) In Seungryong Valley, Sohan, Fire Country, Phantom Forest and Giants Valley, farm stones for meteorites, coupons, spirit stones, blessing scrolls.

b) Starting level 65 you get access to Spider King dungeon, in SD3, and from level 75 you get access to Azrael and Blue Dragon. You can drop Skulls in these dungeons, Enchant Talismans, Dungeon Tickets, Evolution Books for pets

c) You can read more about skulls at

    Level 80 opens a new era for you. New mission, new maps, new evolutions, new farm equipment.

a) Kill the tyrant from the Infected Garden to drop PvM Accessories and the Shield (with strong against monsters).
b) In Thundermap you can kill 3 bosses, they drop items for your beta equipment.
c) In V3-V4 you can farm for avg weapons, at monsters. Use switchbot and set 55% avg for them, so you deal better damage. 60% is the maximum, but it is much harder to achieve.
d) At level 85 you can evolve them into Ganesha Weapons with items that drop in the dungeon with the same name. This weapons have extra average damage.

    From level 90 - you get access to 2 more bosses, for beta upgrades.

a) You can craft beta accessories and belts at Admiral Angmur (Dragonhead city area).
b) You get access to Nemere and with his drop you can craft PvM armors and at Razador and Meley you can drop the required items to craft PvM shoes.

    Best way to make yang at 80-95:

a) In Thundermap, Cape Dragon’s Head, farm stones for meteorites, coupons, and blessing scrolls. Beta jewelry, and beta upgrades drop at monsters.
b) You can also level up your pets in these maps, with full xp on your items.
c) Check ctrl+d for dungeons: you can drop Skulls, Enchant Talismans, Dungeon Tickets, Evolution Books for pets and others, but Ganesha Dungeon is the most profitable at this level.

1. At level 100 you get access to Meley and Mushroom, they are part of the Mission series, and you can get extra bonuses on your character for several hours at Meley and several days from Mushroom.

2. At level 105, Aqua mission also gives you a special bonus available for several days.

3. Time can be renewed by redoing the missions so you can have the bonuses always active.

4. At level 105 you also get access to Duratus, you can build Permanent dews with the drop from Duratus.

5. You get access to Nephrite Island and Enchanted Forest (that also has the Jotun's dungeon) where you can farm stones and raise companions.

6. At level 110 can complete another Mission at Hydra, bonus is active for several hours. Hydra run will give you teleport points which gives you direct access to 4 dungeon bosses, from the Poseidon statue: Zodiac, Razador, Meley and Nemere.

7. At level 115 you can farm in Owl map upgrades to make your root/owl helmet +9 (skill and average damage helmets)

    Best way to make yang at 100-116:

a) In Cape Dragon’s Head, Enchanted Forest, Nephrite Island farm stones for meteorites, coupons, and blessing scrolls. You can also level up your pets in these maps, with full xp on your items.
b) Check ctrl+d for dungeons: you drop Skulls, Enchant Talismans, Dungeon Tickets, upgrades for Zodiac armor/weapons, etc.

From level 117 you can access the Golden Valley map, farm for Zhangbhao armors upgrades and the 9th skill. Here you can level up faster, in group to get level 127. You can level just as well in the owl map, but the golden valley monsters also have drop that can bring more profit.

    Best way to make yang at 117-127:
a) In Golden Valley farm stones for Meteorites, Coupons, and Blessing scrolls.
b) Monsters drop: gold and blue gems and Lemures Tablet, Riveted Necklace, Sun Herbs.
c) Bosses drops: Flame King Blood, Magma Ring and Ring of Samael.
d) Check ctrl+d for dungeons: You drop Skulls, Enchant Talismans, Dungeon Tickets, Upgrades for Zodiac armor/weapons, etc.

If you need more details, don't hesitate to join our discord group where you can chat with the game team and other players.