Easter Event (starting in 2023 the event comes with new costumes, pets and a dungeon available at the Bunny. Pets and costumes can be previewed directly from the Bunny by pressing CTRL + Mouse over them)

   Available between: March - end of June
   Entrance: Easter Bunny npc, located in all kingdoms.
   The good level for drop: 30-80 and bonus required: Half-Humans. Boss drop: 70-80.

The village of the Easter Bunny was invaded by monsters. They use the magic from the air and earth to be stronger. The bunny's eggs are a powerful source of magic, without them the monsters would be weaker and easier to defeat. Collect all the eggs and give them to the bunny.

The bosses on the map drops gold bars and more eggs.
You are able to exchange Egg Baskets at the Bunny for Reputation Gems.

The bunny will give you a basket of eggs that may contain certain upgrade items, costumes, bottles, mounts and other items. Those items can be used in the game, or you can use them to craft stronger objects, among them are:

- 2000 life points, 120 attack value.
- 1000 life points, 15% strong against monsters.

- Attack value 20, 10% strong against monsters.

- 25% strong against monsters, 25% animals, 25% undeads.

- 30% strong against monsters, 30% animals, 30% undeads.

- 2000 life points, 15% strong against monsters, 80+ attack points.

- Each Easter Stone drops 5x easter eggs

- There are 2 monster leaders which drops gold bars. (15m respawn)
- Auto-attack button is disabled in the map.
- Monsters respawn every 20 secoonds
- Stones respawn every 180 seconds.

Drop Basket with Easter Eggs
Sungura Costume (M)
Sungura Dress (F)
Sungura Costume (M)
Sungura Dress (F)
Costume Muschetar (M)
Costume Muschetar (F)
Donnie (Seal)
Potion of Spirit (3h)
Crescent Moon Ring
Ring of Joy
Unicorn Seal
Nightmare Seal
Gold 500.000.000 yang
Fine Cloth
Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Energy Crystal
Lolly the Mighty
Refine potion extra
Tiger Bone Bracelet
Dragon Bone Bracelet
Baby Azrael
Refine potion low
Refine potion medium