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Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen

Where do i drop...?

This page will show you where to get the most wanted items by novice players. To see the full items drop check out the boss, stones, and chests pages from the main wiki page.

Accessories with monsters Soul Crystal and Triangle Shield+9
Boss: Tyrant from Garden

Clasps: Gold Clasp , Silver Clasp , Bronze Clasp :
Monsters: Thundermap, Capedragon
Boss: Polyphemos Capedragon map, Mushroom Spider (Mushroom Dungeon), Tortoise (Aqua dungeon)

Stones: Map2, Seungryong Valley, Mount Sohan, Fire Country, Phantom Forest, Giants Valley

Demon's Ashes :
Monsters: in v3, v4
Lv.55 Demon King DT1 - 3rd floor
Lv.70 Ice Witch Undead - Grotto V4, beginning
Lv.72 Nine Tails Mount Sohan

Normal Dews Craft at Alchemist
Permanent Dews Craft at Duratus Guardian

Dragon Scales & Dragon Claw :
Boss: Beran-Setaou Grotto v4

Ticket Dungeon :
Boss: most of them

Enchant Talisman :
Boss: most of them

Experience Ring :
Stones: Fire Country, Phantom Forest, Giants Valley
Bosses: Chief Orc , Queen Spider (SD1), Setaou-General (v4),
Boss Chests: Flame King's Chest

Face Cream :
Monsters: Map1 - Se-Rang (Amazones)

Fencing Pamphlet
Monsters: v3,v4

Fine Cloth :
Lv. 50 Chief Orc - Orcs - Seungryong Valley
Lv. 54 Dark Leader
Lv. 55 Ape Lord - Animals- Yongbi Desert
Lv. 60 Queen Spider - Animals- Cave of Spider - SD1
Lv. 62 Dark-Ghost Leader
Lv. 70 Ice Witch - Undead- Grotto V3
Lv. 72 Nine Tails - Mount Sohan
Lv. 95 Setaou-General - Devils- Atlantida 2 (Grotto v4 (lv 75+)
Lv. 95 Gnoll Suprem - Animals- Cape Dragon (90+)

Golden Necklace+0 :
Monsters: Map1, Map2, Seungryong Valley

Helmets level 60:
Boss: Beran-Setaou (Grotto v4)

Helmets level 80:
Boss: Red Dragon (Razador)

Jade Shoes+0 :
Monsters: Seungryong Valley, SD2

Modification Charm :
Boss: Beran-Setaou , Death Reaper

Mount Horse Fire :
Boss: Razador

Pet Books: Evolution Books
Nine Tails - Mount Sohan
King Spider - SD3
Death Reaper - DT1
Shax - DT2
Azrael - Catacombs
Ice Witch Undead - Grotto V3
Setaou-General Devils - Grotto v4 (lv 75+
Beran-Setaou Grotto V4

Pet Books: Pet skill books
Stones from:
Dragons Head,
Enchanted forest,
Nephrite Island,
Golden Valley

Poison Sword+0 and other weapons lv 75 with average damage bonus
monsters: in v3, v4
Boss Chests: Death Reaper , Azrael

Pvm armors
Craft: Nemere Guardian

Reinforce Talisman (Add bonuses on Talisman):
Craft: at General Store with 20x Enchant Talisman

Reputation Gems Blue or Gold:
Monsters: All, but must be close to your level (+- 15)
Craft: Season Events (Blue gem), Captain (Blue and Gold gem)

Shrunken Head :
Lv.78 Death Reaper (DT1)
Lv.75 Elite Vile Demon King (DT1)
Lv.97 Blue Death ( DT1 & DT2)
Azrael (Devils Catacombs)

Skill books
Boss: Slime Queen
Stones from:
Seungryong Valley,
Fire Country,
Mount Sohan,
Phantom Forest,

Silver Bracelet+0 :
Monsters: Map1 at Lv12 Bears

Tincture of Kingdoms
Boss: Beran-Setaou Grotto v4

Triangle Shield+9 (with monsters):
Boss: Tyrant from Infected Garden

Twisted Key
Boss: Death Reaper (DT1), Setaou-General Devils- Atlantida 2 (Grotto v4 (lv 75+)

Upgrades for items and jewelry stones for accessories:

Manuscrlpt Box in Map1, near General Store

Upgrade items for Poison Sword to craft: Ganesha items: Gold Buckle , Ring Element , Chain Link , Jewellery Element , Flame Stone , Ice Flame Stone :
Boss: Ganesha

Upgrades to craft items at Duratus Crafter drops at Golden Dragon from Duratus dungeon:
Leather Bag , Clay Brick , Rock Flower Root , Carapax Powder , Hallowed Tree Gum , Heaven's Teardrop , Volcanic Earth , Foundation Stone Powder , Noble Epaulette , Golden Hook , Maat Stone , Eragon Soul Stone, Legendary Diary .

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