Are these giants really strong? It remains to be seen

New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods

Golden Skull -

An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?


Update 27.03.2023
1. Since there are almost a thousand Fire+0 Shoes for cheap price, we thought to remove them from Razador's drop, but allow you to craft them with upgrade items that drops from Razador and Meley (two separate variations). That will improve the price.
2. Wind Talisman is in high demand and we thought it would be good to add it to the drop and Polyphemos too.
3. Because the new stones from the owl map can be destroyed faster, the price of the magic material has decreased. To balance the price, I reduced their drop a little.
4. When you search for an object in the search shop, and you specify its minimum quantity, it will be sorted in ascending order starting from the minimum set quantity.
5. A new contest will take place on Calliope. At the beginning of every month I will choose a category from the Ranking that you can compete in. I will reset all points earned in that category and at the end of that month 10 winners will be chosen who will each receive 1000 calliope coins.
6. An enable all button for all the duel setting buttons.

Update 15.03.2023
The dueling system has been improved. Now you have the possibility to separately activate / deactivate which bonuses you want.

This spring's event does include:

An open-world map with two bosses, where you can collect eggs (from mobs, stones, bosses) and level-up faster. Eggs can be exchanged for Easter Egg Baskets
A general store for various general items. (you can buy them with Easter Egg Baskets)
A shop with costumes, pets and mounts. (you can buy them with eggs and other items)
A dungeon shop with new items (10 new pets, mounts, and costume sets)

You can preview all the pets and mounts using CTRL key so you can decide easier which one you like.

Update 02.03.2023
1. Lowered the drop for Witch dress, costume and hat from Spider King (sd3).
2. Anti-pickup button for costumes too.
3. Added 2 minutes to the Zin/Sa-GUI Tower Maps, so they can disappear after.
4. Theif's Glove auto-stack when comes out from training chest
5. Can stack the new buff potions pvm/pvp
6. You can see the total yang value inside your shops, for each shop separate.
7. Dragonsoul on/off status remains saved offline (on character name). Also will know which one of the inventories (earth/sky) was active + different buff icons on the left corner of the screen

Update 17.02.2023
We have some exciting news to share with you about the latest feature on our game server - "Fast search on inventories"!

We understand that searching through your inventories for a specific item can be a time-consuming task, which is why we have developed this new system to make it easier and quicker for you to find the items you need.

When the system locates an item, it will be highlighted with a fully visible slot while the other slots will be semi-transparent.
Additionally, the page buttons where the item was found will flash, making it easy to locate the item on the page.

Simply enter the first few letters of the item you're looking for, and the search bar will attempt to match your inventory items.
But that's not all! We've also added an auto-complete feature to the search bar.
- to select an item and search for it everywhere, simply press TAB and click on the item, the search bar will automatically complete the item name

We'd also like to remind you that the the system is available in all your inventories, including your special inventory, normal inventory, and safebox inventory.

We believe that these new features will greatly improve your gameplay experience and make managing your inventories much easier.

Update 09.02.2023
01. Both duel maps have full pvp protection and you can't be attacked by other players. You can only be hit by the player you are dueling with.
02. Ctrl+shit+click can also be used in Dragonsoul inventory.
03. Can't use direct item delete button if item has 3 or more bonuses added for security reasons (to avoid any wrong clicks). However, you can throw the item on the ground and it will be removed after a few minutes.
04. Solved the recent lagg that happened only in map1 while big fights, because of a faulty code.
05. Added a warning while doing trade with other players, that tells you to be carefull giving items to low level characters pretending to be your friend (because of the recent scams).
06. Fixed wb cooldown panel from displaying wrong time.
07. Option for auto-read help and reject books active, same you for the normal skills.
08. Doubled the number of account saving buttons.
09. Blacksmith craft option to be able to craft owl keys faster.
10. You can build 1x mumified head for direct teleport to azrael with 500 moonlight chests, Concentrated Readings and Exorcism Scrolls.
11. You can walk through buffi.
12. Can't bypass azrael waiting time entering with party with another leader. The character that has waiting time will be teleported out.

Update 14.01.2023
1. The website received a nice animation update and several small design changes.
2. Because the new phantom forest is a lot bigger than the old one, it will have more hide and seek npcs. (actually one of the best places to search for them).
3. The green pvp map had some sync issues. Just letting you know this is not anymore a problem. (works as normal as the other arena).
4. Red dragon doesn't throw you back anymore.
5. Starter costume and hair will have double the time.

6. Added talisman drop also to this bosses:

a) Fire Talisman to Meley
b) Wind Talisman to Owlbus
c) Lightning talisman drop increased at Hydra / Blue Dragon.

7. When you split items, it remembers the last split number for that particular item, and the cursor is now properly moved to the end of the number > Now For "U" inventory too.
8. Your hair dye will not be lost after you unwear a hair. (so while you have a hair visible, you see the hair, but if the hair is not visible or you don't wear one, the hair dye will be visible unless you use Bleach to remove it).
9. The damage cap will be increased (you will be able to give more damage) at the boss event for the bosses from thundermap and capedragonhead.

Update 30.12.2022
The new update brings new features to the game:

1. You can select several players at once from the friends list and you can send them a message or delete them from the list at the same time.
2. A new list of "Enemies" where you can block them in three different ways:

a) Won't receive private messages and won't see what they write on chat.
b) Won't see each other only valid in map1/map2.

* If you have blocked someone, but attack any other player, then everyone blocked becomes visible. They will automatically become invisible if you haven't attacked any other player for more than 60 seconds.
* If you have blocked someone, but other players are attacking you, the blocked ones will not become visible. You have to attack someone.
* In short, function (b) only works when you are not involved in attacking other players.

c) Both variants.

Update 26.12.2022
1. I arranged better all the buttons in the system options page.
2. All settings that are on the system options page remain saved even offline, also includes the pickup/costume settings from game options page.
3. Auto-Pickup status (on/off) remains saved even offline.
4. The messages you receive from players remain saved even if you go offline, change the channel until you read them.
5. From the inventory by pressing the R button you can see the new global ranking for destroyed stones. defeated bosses and monsters, completed dungeons, played time, yang, won duels, caught fish and opened chests.
6. The Winter button has been moved to the system options page and works everywhere except caves and golden valley.
7. Fps settings does not reset anymore after changing game's resolution.
8. Added tooltip (title shown when you move the mouse) over bank manager buttons so players find easier what each button does.
9. Yang Bank account remains saved offline, so you can login faster next time.

Update 22.12.2022
1. You can start/stop the normal auto attack with tab+q
2. You can trade 200 cor draconis brute to 10 legendary with x + left click on the chest.
3. Attack with different colors for critical+piercing, critical, piercing and poison.
4. Fixed all 9th skills missing textures.
5. Ctrl+Shift+click on item to auto-search it into the search shop.
6. You can take out items from mall inventory using right click.

Update 19.12.2022
1. The starter pack has been replaced with an outfit for the cold season, and the bonuses offered have been improved.
2. Added teleport buttons directly to world bosses on ctrl+d. The teleport ring is no longer required for them.
3. You can navigate between the system and game options pages using the mouse wheel back and forth. All bugs related to these have been fixed.
4. Event maps will allow max two characters / ip to join (frogs,boss,tanaka).
5. Moonlight chest drops was decreased.
6. Fixed the issue where you couldn't reload your shop time. Now you can do it whenever you want.
8. Thief's Glove premium with 24 hours. (craft with normal theif's glove and metteorite stones)
9. Drop meteorite stones/yang tickets/ and the other regular stuff at the metins from the owl map too.
10. Improved the experience of owl map to be similar to golden valley.
11. Offline messages system (saved up to 10 days) and direct message to players from search shop.

Items affected (starter pack):
Costume -> 2000 life points and +100 attack value.
Hair -> strong against monsters 15% and 20% more experience.
Mount -> strong against monsters 20% and 20% more experience.
Pet -> 2000 life points and strong against monsters 15%.