Speed server opening on 01.07.2023 19:00 GMT+3 Game presentation

Are these giants really strong? It remains to be seen

New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods

Golden Skull -

An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?


Update 11.08.2023
Speed Server remains active during August and September

As you know, some people want the merge, some don't for obvious reasons: better rates and the possibility to evolve more easily on Olympia. We are also reluctant to merge because this month a large community will be shutting down, and we expect to welcome a good portion of those players to our server. Why would we stop Olympia now? But also enough players want the merge, so I propose a completely different solution:

We will do the merge, but the game setup will remain as Olympia this month and the next. From our point of view it is the best solution for the current situation, because it would be a mistake to remove Olympia right when that community is closing and we will have so many players wanting a new server to play on.

Things you need to know after the merge:

- Offline shops were closed after the merge so you can reopen them with the proper price.
- If you had a bank account with 0 yang on it it has been deleted. Recreate it, because it costs you nothing, also if you had the same bank user on both sv1 and sv2, add a 0 at the beginning of the account on olympia.

Update 18.06.2023
Speed server opening on 01.07.2023 19:00 GMT+3

The purpose of a speed server is to give players a faster advance, so that after a while we can merge it with the main server. The merge will not happen when we want it, but when it is demanded by the community, especially the idea is that both servers should reach a balance and the new players became quite advanced.

You receive double the yang, items and exp.
If you enter in the first two days of the server start for the next 10 days you will have the 24h pvm buff active for free. After that you can craft it with items.
50% less yang required for switchbot including the extra speed options.
Okay Cards event with amazing prizes during Weekend days.
Stones and bosses will have smaller hp for the first two weeks on the speed server.
Increased Hide and Seek reward.
Increased Frogs event reward.
Increased Tanaka event reward.
Increased WarZone reward.
Increased Boss invasion event reward.
Increased Fish Event fishing rate.
Increased Metin Stones Yang Tickets drop rate.

We are currently working on more ideas to make better you game progress. We will create discord rooms for each separate contest where you can submit proof that you have completed the requirement:

Invitation Event: 1200 CC for each 50 invited players. (using the invite event bot)
1x 200 CC for the first Ganesha+9
1x 200 CC for the first Nemere PvM Armor+9
1x 200 CC for the first 60% avg Poison Sword
1x 200 CC for the first +10 Talisman
1x 200 CC for the first level 120 pet
1x 400 CC for the first Golden Skull.
1x 600 CC for the first 12.7%+ hp pet and 14% monsters.
4x 600 CC for the first 9th (Golden Valley) P level skill made.
10x 200 CC for the most successful pictures taken in the game
10x 400 CC for Handmade Drawing competition. Must contain a Calliope Global logo
10x 800 CC for the top reborns completed. (reborn has 3 levels)
10x 800 CC for enabling all the heads in the Skull Panel (without Golden Skull).
10x 1200 CC for the top 127 level completed

Speed server accounts will not be able to buy items from the itemshop in the first week.
Youtubers/Streamers/TikTokers can contact us to establish the terms of a promotion.

Update 18.04.2023
In order to join this dungeon you must craft at Cheng the Zhangbao amulet. To do that you must have 15-20 of each upgrade items that can be dropped inside the Golden Valley monsters / bosses. The pvm soul crystal equipment will evolve into the zhangbao accesories. By default, they will have double the strong against monsters value the soul crystal offers now and to evolve and plus them up you need to drop the Immortality chest inside the new dungeon. This accesories will have additional fixed bonuses:

Bracelet (lv.98)
lower damage limit on boss invasion and frogs events
improved damage on stones
improved mining rate

Necklace (lv.100)
improved damage on tanaka pirates
improved damage on bosses
improved damage on world bosses
3s respawn cooldown after death

Ears (lv.102)
extra experience for your companion
extra experience
extra item drop

Zhangbao armor
better defense at guild wars
better defense at empire wars
better defense at empire war if wearing the empire's flag.

In order for your character to be able to use the extra bonuses of the Zhangbao armor you must deliver to Cheng "Chest of immortality" x 200. This only needs to be done once and will apply to all zhangbao armors you will ever wear. This action is necessary because zhangbao armors exists before this update. As for the accessories, the bonuses will be active directly after the evolution.

Update 06.04.2023
We want to thank you who participated in the testing of the Empire Capture Flag Event. Today 06.04.2023 we will organize this official event, at 20:00 GMT+3

1. Everyone is able to receive/give damage from the opposite kingdom.
2. Each kingdom will have its own flag. So there will be two flags not just one.
3. After the player's death (who has the flag), the flag of his kingdom will go to another random player of his kingdom.
4. The winner kingdom players beside the +50% item and exp rates, will have +5% strong against half-humans and +5% strong against monsters. for 7 online days.
5. The bonus reward will not load into the duel and dojang maps (to not affect 1vs1).

All players will be guided by an arrow to your location. The map is large, with buildings, walls and mountains, so you have places to run, if you get the chance.

We are waiting for you at the event in as large a number as possible!
Required level: 90+

Update 27.03.2023
1. Since there are almost a thousand Fire+0 Shoes for cheap price, we thought to remove them from Razador's drop, but allow you to craft them with upgrade items that drops from Razador and Meley (two separate variations). That will improve the price.
2. Wind Talisman is in high demand and we thought it would be good to add it to the drop and Polyphemos too.
3. Because the new stones from the owl map can be destroyed faster, the price of the magic material has decreased. To balance the price, I reduced their drop a little.
4. When you search for an object in the search shop, and you specify its minimum quantity, it will be sorted in ascending order starting from the minimum set quantity.
5. A new contest will take place on Calliope. At the beginning of every month I will choose a category from the Ranking that you can compete in. I will reset all points earned in that category and at the end of that month 10 winners will be chosen who will each receive 1000 calliope coins.
6. An enable all button for all the duel setting buttons.

Update 15.03.2023
The dueling system has been improved. Now you have the possibility to separately activate / deactivate which bonuses you want.

This spring's event does include:

An open-world map with two bosses, where you can collect eggs (from mobs, stones, bosses) and level-up faster. Eggs can be exchanged for Easter Egg Baskets
A general store for various general items. (you can buy them with Easter Egg Baskets)
A shop with costumes, pets and mounts. (you can buy them with eggs and other items)
A dungeon shop with new items (10 new pets, mounts, and costume sets)

You can preview all the pets and mounts using CTRL key so you can decide easier which one you like.

Update 02.03.2023
1. Lowered the drop for Witch dress, costume and hat from Spider King (sd3).
2. Anti-pickup button for costumes too.
3. Added 2 minutes to the Zin/Sa-GUI Tower Maps, so they can disappear after.
4. Theif's Glove auto-stack when comes out from training chest
5. Can stack the new buff potions pvm/pvp
6. You can see the total yang value inside your shops, for each shop separate.
7. Dragonsoul on/off status remains saved offline (on character name). Also will know which one of the inventories (earth/sky) was active + different buff icons on the left corner of the screen

Update 17.02.2023
We have some exciting news to share with you about the latest feature on our game server - "Fast search on inventories"!

We understand that searching through your inventories for a specific item can be a time-consuming task, which is why we have developed this new system to make it easier and quicker for you to find the items you need.

When the system locates an item, it will be highlighted with a fully visible slot while the other slots will be semi-transparent.
Additionally, the page buttons where the item was found will flash, making it easy to locate the item on the page.

Simply enter the first few letters of the item you're looking for, and the search bar will attempt to match your inventory items.
But that's not all! We've also added an auto-complete feature to the search bar.
- to select an item and search for it everywhere, simply press TAB and click on the item, the search bar will automatically complete the item name

We'd also like to remind you that the the system is available in all your inventories, including your special inventory, normal inventory, and safebox inventory.

We believe that these new features will greatly improve your gameplay experience and make managing your inventories much easier.

Update 09.02.2023
01. Both duel maps have full pvp protection and you can't be attacked by other players. You can only be hit by the player you are dueling with.
02. Ctrl+shit+click can also be used in Dragonsoul inventory.
03. Can't use direct item delete button if item has 3 or more bonuses added for security reasons (to avoid any wrong clicks). However, you can throw the item on the ground and it will be removed after a few minutes.
04. Solved the recent lagg that happened only in map1 while big fights, because of a faulty code.
05. Added a warning while doing trade with other players, that tells you to be carefull giving items to low level characters pretending to be your friend (because of the recent scams).
06. Fixed wb cooldown panel from displaying wrong time.
07. Option for auto-read help and reject books active, same you for the normal skills.
08. Doubled the number of account saving buttons.
09. Blacksmith craft option to be able to craft owl keys faster.
10. You can build 1x mumified head for direct teleport to azrael with 500 moonlight chests, Concentrated Readings and Exorcism Scrolls.
11. You can walk through buffi.
12. Can't bypass azrael waiting time entering with party with another leader. The character that has waiting time will be teleported out.

Update 14.01.2023
1. The website received a nice animation update and several small design changes.
2. Because the new phantom forest is a lot bigger than the old one, it will have more hide and seek npcs. (actually one of the best places to search for them).
3. The green pvp map had some sync issues. Just letting you know this is not anymore a problem. (works as normal as the other arena).
4. Red dragon doesn't throw you back anymore.
5. Starter costume and hair will have double the time.

6. Added talisman drop also to this bosses:

a) Fire Talisman to Meley
b) Wind Talisman to Owlbus
c) Lightning talisman drop increased at Hydra / Blue Dragon.

7. When you split items, it remembers the last split number for that particular item, and the cursor is now properly moved to the end of the number > Now For "U" inventory too.
8. Your hair dye will not be lost after you unwear a hair. (so while you have a hair visible, you see the hair, but if the hair is not visible or you don't wear one, the hair dye will be visible unless you use Bleach to remove it).
9. The damage cap will be increased (you will be able to give more damage) at the boss event for the bosses from thundermap and capedragonhead.