An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!


The Talismans are also called elemental talismans because they are formed of 6 kinds, covering the 6 basic elemental resistances such as fire, wind, earth, lightning, ice and darkness.

Talismans can be bonused like the other items, besides the talisman's basic bonus, you can add 5 bonuses with Reinforce Bonus Talisman
You can change bonuses with Enchance Bonus Talisman.

You can obtain Reinforce Bonus Talisman cu x20 Enchance Bonus Talisman using the Talisman Ticket that is found at the General Store.

If you bonus a talisman at +0 and then climb to +1, the only bonus that changes is the elemental one. Example: A Talisman of fire +1 is upgraded to +2, the only bonus that changes is the base one.

When you click on a monster you will see his weakness element.

The minimum level to equip a talisman is 20.

May have bonuses:
Max.Hp 2000
Strong against semi-humans 10%
Steal HP 10%
Block 15%
Poison resistance 8%
It weakens the opponent's defense for sword,two-hands,daggers,bell,fan,bow 5%
Defence + 120
Resistance ice, earth, darkness 25%
Resistance against semi-humans 10%

The values displayed are the highest. Those have variations.

Fire Talisman drops to:

Ice Talisman drops to:
Ice Witch
9 tails

Earth Talisman drops to:
Monkey zodiac

Darkness Talisman drops to:
Spider King from spider dungeon 3

Wind Talisman drops to:
Tyrant from the infected garden
Slime queen
Orc Boss from Seungyrong valley

Thunder Talisman drops to:
Blue Dragon

Enchance Bonus Talisman drops to:
Blue Dragon x1
Azrael x2
Spider King from sd3 x1
Nemere x2
Razador x1
Red Dragon x1
Alaster from meley's cave
Monkey Zodiac

Upgrade items used to raise the talismans (maximum +10):

Golden Fabric Bronze Clasp Silver Clasp
Ruby Engraving Knife Amethyst Engraving Knife Sapphire Engraving Knife
Bronze Clasp Silver Clasp Gold Clasp
5x Mithril 5x The Stone of the Moon 5x Black paint

Success rate at +: fabrics 30%, others 20%.

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