Game presentation
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Skulls hunting

Ever since these monsters began to attack the world, humans have had to adapt and learn to defeat them by training from a very young age. The art of potions made us stronger and gave us an advantage against them. These monsters are led by powerful bosses, maybe if you bring their heads to the Alchemist he can find out what is behind their power.

To become stronger than them, the alchemy may be the answer.

It is believed that the Alchemist thinks he can infuse a little power from them into your body.

The Skull Hunting page can be opened from the minimap by pressing the circled button

The skulls of the bosses
1. The heads drops in dungeons at the displayed bosses.
2. They do not drop if you entered directly from hydra.
3. To active a head slot you need to deliver the head to the Alchemist. Success rate is 75%.
4. Once activated the slot cannot be deactivated and is permanent.
5. When a slot is active it becomes colorful

Click to see how the activated slots looks

Click to see the heads bonuses Baroness Head - +1% strong against animals
Duratus Head - +1% strong against mystics
Hydra Head - +2% double yang drop chance
Meley Head - +4 strenght
Shax Head - +500 HP
Fireghost Head - +1% strong against half-humans
Zhangbao Head - +1% strong against half-humans
Owl Head - +4 vitality
Zodiac Head - +2% double item drop chance
Tyrant Head - 1% strong against undead
Nemere Head - +1% strong against animals
Mushroom Head - +4 dexterity
Aqua Head - +4 inteligence
Ganesha Head - +1% strong against mystics
Razador Head - +20 attack
Beran Head - +1% strong against devils
Reaper Head - +1% strong against undeads
Jotun Head - +1% strong against orcs
Slime Head - +1% strong against orcs
Azrael Head - +1% strong against devils

Golden Skull
1. This skull can be obtained by pressing the button in the lower right corner. You must have all the skulls in your inventory and they will be taken from you when you press the button.
2. The skull offers all the bonuses given by the other heads, but bigger.
3. While the other heads are permanent, the power of this skull disappears after 30 days.

Golden Skull
+3% strong against animals
+3% strong against devils
+3% strong against mystics
+3% strong against undeads
+3% strong against orcs
+3% strong against half-humans
+750 HP
+30 attack
+3% double item drop chance
+3% double yang drop chance
+6 dexterity
+6 inteligence
+6 vitality
+6 strenght

Jotun update
1. Yang Cupons drop faster at the stones from Enchanced Forest compared to other places.
2. Removed 1 of 3 Sovereign En-Tai.
3. Removed the annoying monsters around Sovereign En-Tai.
4. Sovereign is stronger (requires a team or a strong character to solo)
5. Jotun is stronger (requires a team or a strong character to solo)

6. Jotun drops:

Costumes [2000 hp, 25% monsters, +100 attack] and Hair [2000 hp, 25% monsters, +50 attack] which requires 20 Jotun Heads to craft.

Second costume set:

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