Game presentation
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Skills and status

The more a + appears, the more that status helps.

Shred -> str
Wolf's Breath -> str+ dex+
Wolf's Whirl -> str+ dex+
Wolf's Claw -> str++ dex+
Crimson Wolf Soul -> str+ dex+++
Indigo Wolf Soul -> Unspecified
Talon Storm -> dex++, str+

Warrior Aura:
Three-Way Cut -> str
Berserk Fury -> Unspecified
Dash -> vit, dex+ str++
Sword Spin -> str++ dex+
Aura of the Sword -> str
Life Force -> str
Earthquake -> dex+, str++

Warrior mental:
Spirit Strike -> str+++, vit
Lion Stump -> dex+, vit+, str+++
Sword Strike -> dex+, str++, vit
Bash -> str+, vit
Sword Orb -> dex+, vit+, str++
Earthquake -> dex+, str++
Strong Body -> str, vit+

Shaman dragon:
Flying Talisman -> int+++
Shooting Dragon -> int+++
Dragon's Roar -> int+++
Blessing -> int+
Reflect Reflecting -> int+
Dragon's Aid -> int+
Meteor -> vit+ dex++ int+++

Shaman healing:
Lightning Throw -> int++++
Summon Lightning -> int++++
Lightning Claw -> int+
Cure -> int+
Swiftness -> Unspecified
Attack Up -> int
Aether Ward -> Unspecified

Ninja daggers:
Ambush -> dex++, str+
Fast Attack -> dex++, str+
Rolling Dagger -> dex++, str+
Stealth -> Unspecified
Poisonous Cloud -> dex++, str+
Insidious Poison -> dex+++, str+
Astral Light -> dex

Ninja bow:
Repetitive Shot -> dex++
Arrow Shower -> dex+, str+
Fire Arrow -> Unspecified
Feather Walk -> Unspecified
Poison Arrow -> dex++, str+
Spark -> dex++, str+
Storm Shot -> Unspecified

Sura weapons:
Finger Strike -> str+, int++
Dragon Swirl -> str+, int+
Enchanted Blade -> int+
Fear -> Unspecified
Enchanted Armour -> int+
Dispel -> int+
Hell Strike -> Unspecified

Sura black magic:
Dark Strike Ghost -> int+++
Flame Strike -> vit+ int++ str++
Flame Spirit -> int++
Dark Protection -> int
Spirit Strike -> int+++, dex+, vit+
Dark Orb -> int++, dex++, vit++
Death Wave -> vit+, dex+, int+++

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