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Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen

Snake Temple

Things you need to know:
You can't ride mounts and horses in this dungeon.
Talisman element: Wind
The monsters are boss-level and can be killed mostly using skills.
The bosses can be killed only in group using skills. A sura is recommended to tank it.
The princess boss drops "Red and Yellow gold bags" which can be used to craft: Snake Costume and Hair plus Two new scarfs (Serpent and Queen).
The Queen boss spawns after you kill the Princess, but only during weekend. (saturday and sunday) and it can drop hunting heads of all types.
The Queen boss makes it worth for more people to make the dungeon (as a group) as it can drop more hunting heads / run.
In this dungeon most of the time you will use skills, so you need full skill damage equip.
The cooldown after leaving the dungeon is 30 minutes.
When you have to kill the Blue Snake Stones, you will see that near each of them (4) there is a Centipede with huge HP and Damage. The Centipede will attack you in an attempt to protect the stone. You better focus in killing the stone, because if all the stones are killed, the Centipedes gets killed too. To advance to the next level is required for all monster creatures to be killed.

When you get there, click on Blacksmith to accept the challenge

Level 1 - 2
You must kill the monsters and stones, after you will be teleported to the next level

Level 3
Destroy the stones and the monsters to receive Lottery Ticket (centipedes will die after all stones are destroyed) After place it on the Seal Stone to go further. Even you drop the Lottery Ticket, the seal will appear once all the monsters are killed.

Level 4
You need to kill all monsters in order to meet the Snake Princess.

Level 5
Kill the Princess, you can drop several items, but also Red and Yellow gold bags.

Level 6
Only during Saturday and Sunday, after you kill the Snake Princess, the Queen of Snakes will spawn. After you kill her, your group has a chance to drop several skulls from other bosses. Read more about Skulls Hunting at Skulls Hunting

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