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The scarves and bonuses

Obtain the scarves

To make a scarf you have to give to Theowahdan from map1 x200 fine cloth dropable at medium level bosses.

On calliope, the scarves have 3 "default" bonuses + 3 more that can randomly switch from changing at Theowahdan the bonuses.

In order to obtain all 3 bonuses you have to move the scarf on theowahdan until it drops. Also to change them all without losing them you have a scarf switch.

How do i evolve them?

To evolve the scarves go to Seon Pyeong and move them on him. The maximum evolution is (Custom). Evolution of the scarf will increase the first 3 bonuses of the scarf, and the last 3 must be made to theowahdan by changing them.

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