Game presentation
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Companions and Pickup

To get a pet, first you have to get an egg by killing certain leaders.

1. Monkey egg drooping at Monkey Lord.
2. Nemere egg drops at Nemere
3. The Spider's Egg Drops drops at the Queen of the Spider Dungeon 3.
4. Razador drops to Razador.
5. The Dragon Eagle drops to the Jade Dragon.

Unlocking your skills
Skills are unlocked at level 60 (1) and the next 2 at 80.

Attendant's lifespan
The pet's lifetime can be checked from the main window or by placing the mouse over the seal. Life can not be increased, it can only be restored by feeding the pet. The pet will collect experience from monsters killed by their master only if activated.

To raise in level:
The first four experience balls are filled from the experience you receive from monsters.
The last ball of experience must be gained by feeding the pet with: Blue Pet's Book

Move the Protein Biscuit on the pet's slot from your inventory and it will regenerate the pet's time to 100%.

Why do it have 98% experience and it does not level up?
First, the pet can reach level 121 but must evolve several times.

The first evolution is at the level 40.
You need: 30x Young Pet Book

The second evolution is done at level 60. (1 skill slot unblocked )
You need: 30x Wild Pet Book

The last evolution is at level 80. (the next two unlocked skill slots)
You need: 30x Valiant Pet Book

which drop at: Nine Tails , Death Reaper , Beran-Setaou , King Spider , Azrael

How do I unlock my skills?
The skills are automatically unlocked after the last evolution with: 30x Valiant Pet Book
All books drops at level 80 at metins from Thunder and Dragon's Head maps. You can get there with the teleport ring.


The Pickup button, will automatically take the items from the ground for you. If you want to filter the drop, press Esc > Game options and you can choose between books, stones, upgrade, equipment.

Pet's abilities books:

Resistance (Warrior)
Resistance (Sura)
Resistance (Ninja)
Resistance (Shaman)
Resistance (Lycan)
Berserker Book
Anti-Magic Book
Haste Book
Drill Book
Restoration Book
Vampirism Book
Spiritualism Book
Bulwark Book
Reflection Book
Yang Drop Book
Range Book
Immortal Book

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