An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Metin Drop

Lv.30 Metin Of Darkness / Lv.35 Metin Of Jealousy

Clam Training Chest 3 x Competence book

Lv.45 Metin Of Shadow - Seungryong

Soul Stone Clam Training Chest 3 x Competence book

Lv.55 Metin Of Devil - Sohan

Leather Boots+0 Heaven's Tear Earrings+0 Heaven's Tear Necklace+0 Heaven's Tear Bracelet+0 Soul Stone Clam Training Chest 3 x Competence book

Lv.65 Metin Of Death - Sohan

Griffon Claw+0 Fountain Bell+0 Heavenly Bird Fan+0 Chakram+0 Divine Apricot Bow+0 Lion Slayer+0 Battle Sword+0 Baroness Dress+0 Spirit Plate Armour+0 Dragon God Armour+0 Soul Stone Clam Training Chest 3 x Competence book

Lv.70 Metin Of Murder / Lv.90 Metin Jeon-Un - Lungsam

Scarab Claw+0 Nightshade Armour+0 Zodiak Plate Armour+0 Heaven and Earth Bell+0 Whelp Box Scroll of Mutation Scroll of Evolution Wolf Certificate Lion Certificate Thunder Bird Bell+0 Salvation Fan+0 Dragon Knife+0 Yellow Dragon Bow+0 Partisan+0 Ghost Fang Blade+0 Battle Sword+0 Black Clothing+0 Magic Plate Armour+0 Black Wind Suit+0 Black Steel Armour+0 3x Soul Stone 5x Clam Training Chest 3 x Competence book Experience Ring

Lv.90 Metin of Treason ~ Lv.100 Metin of resentment ~ Lv.107 Metin of Pride

Scarab Claw+0 Resistance (Warrior) Resistance (Sura) Resistance (Ninja) Resistance (Shaman) Resistance (Lycan) Berserker Book Anti-Magic Book Haste Book Drill Book Restoration Book Vampirism Book Spiritualism Book Bulwark Book Reflection Book Yang Drop Book Range Book Immortal Book Coupon Books Rejection Bookshelf Help Books The Stone of the Soul + Blue Dragon Bow+4 Soul Stealing Blade+4 Ecstasy Fan+4 Siamese Knife+4 Demon Blade+4 Sting Sword+4 Training Chest

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