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An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Halloween event

The goal is to drop pumpkins and give as many you can to Jack. In exchange he will give you a Halloween chest that will contain several prizes. You can also craft at Jack some more special items giving him pumpkins, Halloween chests and other items.

You can obtain this pumpkins killing the monsters from halloween map or killing the pumpkins stones located in map2, orcs valley and halloween map.

We will include the most important information required by you.

Boss location and drop: 1x Halloween weapon skin
2x Gold 500.000.000 yang
15x Pumpkin

Halloween weapon set appearance:
The skins offers you: 20 attack value and 10% strong against monsters.

Halloween chests drop:
This items can be used to build better items, however even without doing this, these are valuable items that you can use for yourself or sell for profit.

Halloween costumes:
You craft them at Jack with a duration of 30 days.
Costume bonus: 2000 life points and +120 attack value.
Hair bonus: 1000 life points and 15% strong against monsters.

Pets from Halloween:
Bonuses: 2000 hp, 10% stronger vs monsters, attack value +80. The first two can be obtained from halloween chests, the following 3 can be crafted at Jack and the last one is itemshop.

Dark horse (chest)- 1500 hp, 25% stronger vs monsters, attack value + 100.
Fire horse (craft)- 25% strong against monsters, 25% undead, 25% animals.

You can also craft this flying bat. Calliope is the first public server that created it's own flying mount system. You can fly for real and adjust your height in real time.

In addition, we thought of improving the efficiency of the flying mounts. Now with ctrl + h you can deactivate or activate the flying because this will help you farm comfortably without the need to always adjust the height in order to be able to attack the enemy. This improvement came in the same time with the halloween event.

What you can find in itemshop releated to halloween:
Dark horse - 2000 life points, monsters 30%, animals 30%.
Lord Skeleton pet - 149 attack value, 2000 life points, 10% stronger vs monsters.

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