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An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
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Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!


Fishing is one of the oldest arts in this game and also an excellent way to make gold. It takes patience and dedication to master this skill, but the effort is well rewarded.
Any player who has reached level 30 can go to the Fisherman (present in city 1 of each kingdom) and buy equipment to start fishing.

To fish you need the following items:
1) Fishing Rod +9
2) Bait

Tip #1: Whether Paste, Worm or Minnow, all baits are identical and have the same function.
Tip #2: You can and you should buy Fishing Marble. This item lets you know which fish has bitten the hook, through a message in the chat.

There are 16 types of fish that you can catch:

When you get a fish, you can open it (containing Oyster, Fishbone or nothing). You can also grill it, through the item Bonfire, in the Fishermans shop.
With a certain amount of grilled fish and Spirit Stones, you can go to the Sung-won NPC, near the Fisherman.
In it, you will be able to craft Spirit Stones +5 that will give you better bonuses.

Not all fishes are easy to get.
This happens because fishes have different time intervals to be caught, and rare fishes (such as Lotus Fish, River Trout and others) are less likely to bite the hook.
However, over the course of several years, many players have been creating different strategies and discovering the exact times to be able to fish more often.
In the table below, you can see the different times for fishing:

The fishing balloon has a duration of 2 seconds.
After the fishing balloon disappears, the character automatically pulls the fishing rod after 5.60 seconds.

Time #1 is in the range of 0.00 to 2.00 seconds during the animation of the visible fishing balloon.
Time #2 is in the range of 0.00 to 5.60 seconds after the fishing balloon disappears.

One of the secrets to becoming a good fisherman is to watch the animation time of the fishing float carefully.
This small floating object in the water, went unnoticed for a long time and players thought that it was just a visual effect. But in fact it is also a reference form for fishing.
The animation of the movement of the fishing float is always 2 seconds exactly, from the moment the waves start until they disappear.

This is a huge advantage for players, as they can watch the waves in the water, and pull the fishing rod at the right time for the type of fish that bit the hook.
A tip that can help new players is to place an Items window, close to the zone where the waves end. Thus, it is known that when the waves touch the window it is the time to pull.

The End. Have fun! Guide provided by Kitsury.

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