Game presentation
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Biologist Chaegirab

Biologist Lv. 30
10x Jinunggyi's Soul Stone  
+ 30 attack value

Biologist Lv. 40
10x Temple Soul Stone  
+ 10% Chance of critical hit

Biologist Lv. 50
10x Sagyi's Soul Stone  
+ 60 defence points

Biologist Lv. 60
10x Aurtumryu's Soul Stone  
+ 1000 HP

Biologist lv. 70
45x Zelkova Branch  

+ 20% hp regeneration
+ 5% chance of piercing hit

Biologist lv. 80
45x Tugyi's Tablet  

+ 5% chance of critical hit
+ 15% charm

Biologist lv. 85
45x Red Ghost Tree Branch  

+ 10% resistance for all races

Biologist lv. 90
50x Leaders' Notes  

+ 10% strong half-humans.

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