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[Guide] Where and what to craft


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Location: map1 in all kingdoms, close to the start game spot
Cobra(m/f) 2000hp +attack value 50 - costume
Cobra (m/f) Str against monsters 10%, 15% Exp - hairstyle
Shaman Buffi
Dragon God - life, attack, intelligence, defense with 1h
Fight Lion Seal - Str against monsters 15%
Amulet of Eternal Love - 1000HP, 30% Exp
Azrael pet - 1500hp, Str against monsters 15%

2. Captain
Location: map1 in all kingdoms, blue(290, 640), red(634,635), yellow(528,688)
Exp Potion (1h)
Liq. Semi-human (3h)
Liq. strong attack (3h)
Blue Reputation Gem
Golden Reputation Gem
Dungeon Chest

Armor and suits: Desert, Wolf, Lord, permanent costumes, Lord permanent hairstyle.
Other costumes and hairstyles with time:

Weapon skins: Ancient skins

Jewelry: Arachnids Key, Blue pet book, Refine potions, Pomegranate wine

3. Blacksmith
Location: map1 in all kingdoms
Stones +4
Stones +5

Special pets (15 int/str+ 10% mistic/animals/devils/undead/orcs)
Eggs (Monkey, Spider, Razador, Nemere, Eagle Dragon)

4. Stable Boy
Location: map1 in all kingdoms
Items for your horse

White Lion, the mount with 50% EXP + 17 other mounts good for farm

5. Alchemist
Location: map1 in all kingdoms and Guild maps
Dragon God - life, attack, intelligence, defense with 40 Days
Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Energy Crystal
Dragon God - life, attack, intelligence, defense with 1h

6. Theowahdan
Location: map1 in all kingdoms and Guild maps
Scarf Lord (Beginner)
Masters Scarf (Beginner)
Sovereign Scarf Normal
Royal Scarf Normal

7. Octavio
Location: map1 in all kingdoms
Crescent Moon Ring + ++ +++
Lolly The Mighty + ++ +++

8. Dungeon Guard
Location: Sohan and Enchanted Forest (105+)
Armors with monsters:
Bone Armor (warrior)
Clothes of Harmony (shaman)
Light Armor (sura)
Costume Metamorphosis (ninja)
Dark Hero (lycan)
Permanent Costumes and Hairstyle:
Oriental and Jotun costumes: 2000hp, Str against monsters 25%, +100 attack value
Oriental and Jotun hairstyle: 1000hp, Str against monsters 25%, +50 attack value

9. Catacomb guard
Location: Devils Catacombs
Azrael costumes and hairstyles
Crescent Moon Ring
Lolly the Might

10. Jae-Seon Kim
Location: Cape dragon, city (90+)
Normal Belts (Race belts, Exp Belt, Monsters belt)

11. Immortal Lee
Location: Duratus map (105+)
Costumes PvPM, PvM, PvP, Hairstyle with half-humans
Skin Weapons with 20% attack value and Str against monsters 20%
Permanent Dews

12. Jae-Seon Kirin
Location: Ochao (105+)
Enchanted Belts: skill/avg damage , resistance sikill/avg damage, half-humans, monsters

13. Zodiac Trader
Location: Zodiac map
Zodiac Armors
Zodiac Weapons
Mounts: Rhinos
Rhinno 1: 1500hp, monsters 20%. Devils +20%
Rhinno 2: 1500hp, monsters 20%. Mystics +20%
Rhinno 3: 1500hp, monsters 20%. Animals +20%
Rhinno 1+: 2000hp, monsters 30%. Devils +30%
Rhinno 2+: 2000hp, monsters 30%. Mystics +30%
Rhinno 3+: 2000hp, monsters 30%. Animals +30%

14. Ganeshass ruins guard
Location: Ganeshas map
Ganeshas costume 2000hp, attack value 100. Mystics +10%
Ganesha Hair 1000hp, monsters 15%. Mystics +5%
Red Dreds
Ganesha Weapons

15. Cheng
Location: Golden Valley
Costumes (Golden Costumes, Sakura Samurai) PvP, PvM, PvPM
Hairstyles ( Golden Hair (hh), Sakura (monsters)
Wings (Fire, Blue, Green)
Zhangbao Armors
Grand Master Chest II (124)

16. Temple
Location: Snake Temple (Desert)
Costumes Snakes (Half-humans or Attack)

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