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Okey Card Game - Tips and Tricks


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So its that time of year again... maps all covered in snow, lots of Christmas decorations and you just forgot how to play this game again...
Or maybe you just came here for the first time to see how to enjoy this event...
Well then, here they are:

You can read all the basic rules of How to Play when you click on Event icon inside the game.

To summarize very quickly:
- There are 3 different colors of cards and 8 numbers in each color (a total of 24 cards).
- Whenever you discard one card it disappears, and does not reappear.
- You make points by making sequences of 3 numbers (same or different colors), or by making 3 cards with same number.

Now here comes the best part!
Many players think that this event is just a game of luck, no matter which cards to keep or discard, not every game can make the highest score.
Well... they are partially right and wrong.
This topic shows you some tips and tricks to become a better Okey Card Games player, and you will find its a lot more fun than you thought.

This event is held together with the Christmas event, and you can get Socks and Snowballs .

Tip 1:
- Never discard more than 1 card at a time.
If you draw 2 or more cards at the same time, you will end up losing combinations that can give you the last points needed.

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13.Nov.2021 15:34
Tip 2:
- Numbers 1 and 8 have the same value.
As they are cards from the extremes, if you are in doubt about discard one card, always prioritize the cards from the extremes.
You will never make a 1-card combination if its not 1-1-1 or 1-2-3. Same with 8-card, you can only do 8-8-8 or 6-7-8.
This means that cards 1 and 8 only have 2 ways to get points with them.

Tip 3:
- You should allways try to make color sequences.
Color sequences always give you 100 points (either 1-2-3 or 6-7-8).
While 3 equal numbers or sequences with different colors always give you less points (you can check the points table).


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13.Nov.2021 15:38
Tip 4:
- 90% of the time, you will make at least 200 points.
Since any color sequence gives you 100 points, you just need to play with the 5th free space available to get 2 color sequences.
There are 5 spaces available, this means that when you discard one card at a time (Tip 1), and leave 4 cards stopped for a color sequence (Tip 3), eventually the 3rd card you need will appear.

Tip 5:
- Try not to forget which cards you discarded.
With some practice, you will start making this game automatically.
However, the beginning can be confusing and you may forget that you discarded a card at the beginning of the game that you now need for the ending sequence.


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13.Nov.2021 15:40
Tip 6:
- You can make 3 equal numbers if the cards are 1 or 8.
Remember Tip 2? Cards 1 and 8 are extremes, meaning they can be discarded early in the game, if they land on the 5 spaces.
Keep in mind that when you remove these cards, the extremes become 2 and 7.

If you follow these tips, you will definitely get better results.
You might have noticed that even with these tips, youll still need some luck at the start of each game to get 400 or more points.
All you need to do is to get 4 color sequences, but the 1st can be challenging, as you might run out of space if the right card doesnt show.

Here are the 4 different rewards you can get on Okey Card Event:
- 1-299 Points: 5x
- 300-399 Points: 10x and 1x
- 400-499 Points: 15x and 5x
- 500+ Points: 20x and 10x

Enjoy the event, get a lot of rewards, and Merry Christmas!

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