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Should i have farmers of different levels?


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My main goal in the game is to have a Ninja Dagger 127 lvl after Reborns, only for PvP.

But to get there, Ill need a lot of Yang. Ive read all the game guides and it makes me wonder whether I should have Drops with different Levels? For example, 85-95 Level to farm Ganesha, and 117+ to farm Golden Valley, Nemere, Duratus, Owls etc.?

I mainly want to do boss runs solo, and drop the items needed for equipment improvements and upgrades, for equipment 75+, 90+, 105+, 127 etc.

What would you recommend me to do? I currently have a 95 lvl Sura WP, should I leave it at 95 to farm Ganesha, and create a Warrior Body and level it to 100+ to farm the rest?

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16.Sep.2021 07:59
Hi, first of all, lycan is the best pvm character. I suggest you to leave an account for ganesha, and make a character of 117, you can farm hydra, owl, golden valley. The money is made, now its up to you how much time you spend on the game.
You can make money easily, now its up to you how much you spend on the game.Cheers!

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