An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Updates 15-25.04.2021


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You can exchange 500 cor to 10 legendary at Alchemist shop
A more user friendly daily quest menu
Fixed not being able to wear weapon skins with reputation
Bigger packs (200) for the fish from fisherman
You can get 1 energy vrystal got 50 gragments at Alchemist shop
Fishing and Reputation guides on wiki
Fixed soul stone skill upgrade. (a bug in which it always fails) and set a more moderate success and failure rate



Dear players,

Today the game will have 5 new world bosses:

Reborn Chief Ork in Orcs Valley
Elite 9 tails in Sohan
Flame King Lord in Fire Country
Ghost Tree Lord in Red Forest
Triton in Nephrite Island

This bosses are bigger than regular bosses, they have bigger life force, bigger defence, stronger attacks and important item drops.

Each of them respawns every 6 hours - Only during event days these being (Monday and Saturday) (it will probably change in the future on Thursday and Saturday) and between 12:00 - 00:00. When they respawn the game will send a chat notice that it has been spotted in map name.

When a boss is killed it will spawn 60 boxes. They give items in big amounts like important upgrade items, vc vouchers, gems, gold bars depending on the boss killed. The prize is random.

The boxes are spawned with distance between them and when you open one, your movement speed with be greately reduced for 20 seconds to give everyone a chance in getting a prize rather than abusing the pickup button.



How to write in color:

Code examples:

Copy |cFFFF0000|H|h with ctrl+c and paste in chat with ctrl+v (the text will not show there) then write something and you will see your text will be colored.

If you want to generate new colors you can enter on
I created the color: #cc3300

This is how you use it in game:

#cc3300 becomes: |cFFcc3300|H|h

Have fun!


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Threads: 107
Posts: 6400
26.Apr.2021 20:39
For tomorrow (27.04.2021)

1. Solved the skill change color while having the anti-buffrequest active.
2. Doubled the yang from tanaka event.
3. You cant use damage skills on world bosses. (prevents moving them).
4. You cant attack players while you fight a world boss, and players cant attack you.
5. You cant pick a world event box if you dont deal at least a certain number of hits. (the number wont get disclosed)
6. The hits will gets reseted if you stay inactive. so better make sure you attack all the time
7. The hits increases only if you hit more than a certain damage at world bosses. (the number wont get disclosed)

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