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New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
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Game Updates 25 - 27.02.2021


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Dear players,

The hide and seek npc will spawn in all large maps completely randomly and only in accessible areas. This means they will always have different locations. Each map has a fixed number of hide npcs, and when one is found another will be respawned.

Weekend rates will start automatically from now.

Two new level chests: Grand Master Chest II level 124 and Grand Master Chest III level 127 which will reward you with:

Chest II: One blue reputation gem and one 250 vote coins voucher
Chest III: One golden reputation gem and one 500 vote coins voucher

If you are already 124+ level you can get the grand master chests talking with Cheng from Golden Valley.

The Hide Pets button has been improved. It will completely hide all pets, mounts, horses, buffs if activated, but will continue to show yours and if you are involved in a fight, yours will hide too.
A second button for hiding pets that completely hides all pets, including yours.
Worked on some internal security improvements, but the changes wont make anything visible to you. Some things are more secure now.
Further reduced the use of the cpu in populated areas.
Corrected the height of some of the pets, npcs, bosses. (made the name remain above the entity)
Moonlight and Cordraconis chests will drop in golden valley map 2 too.
Made the game options page easier to read.
You need to vote only one time to be able to call shaman pets on all of your accounts.
You can use ctrl+h to turn off flight mode on map 1, but when it comes to flight, the minimum height requirement on map 1 still exists.

Have Fun!

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26.Feb.2021 17:53


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27.Feb.2021 09:09
Update-ul de astazi in Romana

1. Am îmbunătățit considerabil evenimentul hide and seek. Acum, npc-ul se va spawna în toate hărțile mari complet aleatoriu în zonele accesibile. Mereu vor avea locații diferite. Fiecare hartă are un număr fix de npcuri, iar când unul este găsit altul va fi respawnat.

2. Ratele pentru weekend vor începe automat de acum.

3. Două cufere noi: Grand Master Chest II de nivel 124 și Grand Master Chest III de nivel 127 care te vor recompensa cu:

Grand Master Chest II: O bijuterie de reputație albastră și un voucher de 250 monede de vot
Grand Master Chest III: O bijuterie de reputație de aur și un voucher de 500 monede de vot

Dacă aveți deja nivel 124 sau mai mult, puteți obține noile cufere vorbind cu Cheng din Golden Valley.


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27.Feb.2021 13:39


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02.Mar.2021 12:25
Players from different kingdoms cant hit each other if they are in Peace mode - In pvm maps
The killer will lose rank points because he will be able to attack a player if he goes into Free mode. He wont be able to do it in Peace Mode. Its like they will be from same empire.
Pomegranate wine cooldown increased from 1s to 3s.
Pomegrante juice cooldown. You can use 25 in a row (no cooldown) then wait 5 seconds.
Rank Fruit moved from level 20 chest to the 124 one.

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