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Complete guide about sash and wings


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In order to make a Sash/scarf, you need 200x Fine cloth. Fine cloth drops at several bosses listed below:

Lv. 50 Chief Orc (Orcs) - Seungryong Valley
Lv. 54 Dark Leader - Demon Temple Room 10
Lv. 55 Ape Lord (Animals)- Yongbi Desert
Lv. 60 Queen Spider (Animals)- Cave of Spider - SD1
Lv. 62 Dark-Ghost Leader - Demon Temple Room 10
Lv. 70 Ice Witch (Undead)- Grotto V3
Lv. 72 Nine Tails - Mount Sohan
Lv. 95 Seatou-General (Devils)- Atlantida 2 (Grotto v4 (lv 75+)
Lv. 95 Gnoll Supreme (Animals)- Cape Dragon (90+)

When you get 200x Fine cloth, teleport to Theowahdan in Map1, he is placed in all kingdoms and he is also in Guild map.

He will explain you how to make a sash, and how to add more bonuses on it.

To make a sash, click on “A special coat and then, choose one of the 4th sashes listed:

The sashes have different look and 2 different set of default bonuses:

Scarf Lord and Sovereign Scarf have default bonuses:
-Strong against Mystics (+10% at max evolution)
-Skill damage (5% at max evolution)
-Strong against monsters (+10% at max evolution)

Scarf Lord (Beginner) / (Good Luck) / (Noble) / (Custom)

Sovereign Scarf Normal / (Fine) / (Noble) / (Custom)

Master Scarf and Royal Scarf have default bonuses:
-Attack Value (+50 at max evolution)
-Average Damage (5% at max evolution)
-Casting Speed (+10% at max evolution)

Master Scarf (Beginner) / (Good Luck) / (Noble) / (Custom)

Royal Scarf Normal / (Fine) / (Noble) / (Custom)

The next 3 bonuses can be added by dragging the sash on Theowahdan. It will cost you 20.000.000 yang each attempt. Be careful, if you get all 3 bonuses, stop draggin the sash or you might lose the added bonuses.
After you get the 3 extra bonuses, click on Theowahdan then click on “Change the scarf bonuses or simply press ctrl on your keyboard and click on sash. It will open a window that will help you change the bonuses without losing any.

Each attempt for changing 3 bonuses will cost you 20.000.000 yang. If you get the right bonuses, quit changing!! you cant undo the last move.

To evolve the sash you need to go to Seon Pyeong:

Dragon Scales and Dragon Claws drop at Beran Seatou, the Blue Dragon from Grotto v4.

The new sash Fire Wings can be crafted at Cheng, in Golden Map:

The default bonuses on Fire wings are:
-Attack Value (+50 at max evolution)
-Average Damage (5% at max evolution)
-Casting Speed (+10% at max evolution)

In order to add +3, you need to drag them on Theowahdan, same as the others.

Fire wings:

Flame king blood, magma ring and ring of samael drops at the bosses in Golden Valey. You will also need them to evolve the Fire wings at Seon Pyeong:

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