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Game Update 15.02.2021


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Dear players,

. Fixed an issue at nemere in which the monsters were killed by the server and you couldnt progress to the next level.
. For 100 kills at war you get 100 vcoins.
. In every weekend you have double drop rate for reputation gems.
. Dance 2 for assassins fixed.
. Fixed not being able to use gems on weap skins.
. When someone drops a golden gem a rumor will be shown on chat with his name. As example: Congratulations! [PlayerName] just did a great job and looted [Golden Reputation Gem]
. Poseidon will tell you how much time is left for your bonuses to expire.
. Translated some client texts: auto whisper, auto chat, dice, owlbus, eastmap, dragonsoul activation.
. Removed the duplicate experience ring list from search shop

Have fun!

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15.Feb.2021 11:57
Broblem z prihlasenim nejde pise mi chyby hry

- Fixed -


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15.Feb.2021 17:06


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17.Feb.2021 05:20
Second update - from discord -

Update regarding mounts:

1. A mount player can be attacked when he is in a fight or when he used bravery cape.
2. To use bravery cape on a flying mount you need to be close enough to the ground.
3. To increase height on a flying mount after you used bravery cape or attacked someone/something you need to wait some seconds.
4. Fixed Claw Poison Spider from spider dungeon 3.

This update was made because of people who came not to not level, but to only disturb other people.


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20.Feb.2021 17:59

1. Lose rank points in Golden Valley even if you kill players from another kingdom

2. A second Golden Valley Map for more space

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