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Golden items update - 07.02.2021


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Dear players,

We come with a revolutionary update that will make a major change in the world of Calliope.

Over the years, magic users have fought against the forces of evil that have become increasingly powerful. This world has become ruled by magic where the strongest wins.

But with the rise of magic not only living beings were affected, but also matter itself around the world. All armor, weapons, accessories have undergone changes. From now on, players will notice new types of items: Blue and Golden. Everyone has the green items, the new ones are blue and golden.

The new item types have basic bonuses increased (not the ones made with add bonus). They drop at monsters and bosses, the golden ones being the rarest. The old items can be improved to blue or golden using blue and golden ruby which also drops at monsters and bosses.

The green items are the normal items and they will stay like that.
The blue and golden items will have their default bonuses on the specific color, and the title the same.

The blue items and blue ruby will have a moderate drop, while the golden will be rare and we will make weekend events with increased drop for it.

You can transform an item to what color type you want or remove the improvement. It has not been established how much the item will be improved at the moment because we have just started developing it.

Stay tuned!

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08.Feb.2021 14:32
when it will start to drop? and from which bosses?


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08.Feb.2021 17:32
Its still in development, but it will be ready soon.


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10.Feb.2021 10:12


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12.Feb.2021 13:55
The update is available now to you. You can improve your equipment using these two items. They drop to monsters anywhere in the game, but they are not easy to obtain. Maximum level difference + -15 levels. Move these gems to the desired item and a window will show you the difference between old and new.

- From discord -


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13.Feb.2021 13:22
Nice. Me liky ! :))

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