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Update 17.01.2021


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Dear players,

For today we have this changes:

1. Solved the bug in which you were disconnected when switching the channel while having the auto attack open.

2. Solved the bug in which you were disconnected while attacking a boss.

3. Solved the bug in which your pet wouldnt be respawned after inventory sort at the next teleportation.

4. Bosses from Golden Valley cant be called by Bravery Capes because stone farmers could disturb the boss farmers.

This week we also made this changes:

5. We changed the ctrl+d from quest into [check the pic below]. In addition to the improved look, the page opens faster, teleportation is faster, you can more easily read all the options being in one window.

6. Found out the reason why sometimes kills inside a dungeon werent counted, found a solution and for now it looks to work perfectly splendid.

Full preview:

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18.Jan.2021 07:45
thank you!!!!

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