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Update 14.01.2019


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Dear players,

- Left quests: Caves time, Teleportation to friend and Vote4Buff removed. Caves time exists at minimap, teleportation friend in whisper and vote4buff see next line.
- At the first login you receive the item shaman buff, because there is no vote4buff quest anymore. When you click on shaman if you havent voted, there are already instructions and the web address where you have to vote.
- On the teleportation ring if you want to enter into the beta maps and you do not have the required level the game will show you a notice about this.
- I reduced the drop of the spirit stone. (from 3 to 1 per stone)
- I removed the owls guide from the teleport ring (often wrongly clicked on it instead of entering the map). When you enter the map you have on the left of the screen a button with the map guide.
- The create shop pages design has been improved and solved the bug that caused to open empty create shop pages by mistake.
- Improvet the design of scarfs switch page.
- Fixed the problem at the search shop where the purchased item did not disappear from the list if it was part of the search by category via cat. buttons.
- The unused buttons have been removed from the options game page, i have rearranged the text so that it is correctly positioned also on the 16 font.
- You can open the scarf switch page by pressing ctrl + click on the scarf.
- You can no longer change the bonuses of a scarf while wearing it. (bug fix)

Were back online in 10 minutes. Have fun!


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