An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
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This week updates


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Dear players,

Hide and Seek event update:
1. More spawn locations and 4 more maps added.
2. Now you can receive the prize even if the event ended, as long as the day is Tuesday.
3. You cant get the prize from the same position. Now if you find a hide npc, you cant stay there to wait for respawn. You have to find another one.

War zone event update:
Poison in war zone map will be the same as outside the war zone now. This means you can be killed because of the poisonous effect on the war map now.

The new tanaka event:
In 2016 we used to do an event called Tanaka, in time it was replaced by the event with frogs. It was a fun event and I thought about doing a remake, much better than it was.

does this event start?
This event will start for inauguration today, then will start automatically every monday between 21:00 and 22:00 eet hour.

can I participate?
You can teleport to the tanaka map using the ctrl + e keys

am I rewarded with?
You are rewarded with 100.000.000 yang for each kill and when one pirate is killed, another will appear in a random location.

more details do I need to know?
You can increase damage against them by using both half-humans and monsters bonuses, and the tanaka map has 4 random teleportation places to avoid over crowding. The map is big with nice looking environment and optimized to support a large number of players.

Have fun!

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