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Hello, i want to suggest an idea for Dojang Event.
I think the event should be on level categories, like 15-61/61-90/90-105/105-117, or something like that, because its pretty awkward when a player level 90 play against a level 117 player in the final round, for example.
Have a good day! :)

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11.Jan.2020 21:38
You fight with players close to your level. If you are in finals at level 90 its because you had good equipment. If a 90 player fights with a 117 one its because there are no other registered players left to fight. So we should cancel the fight because of that ? If the 90 gets in the final, its because he deserve it.

Its basic logic.

If we apply your ideea, will be the same, but low levels will wearn not so much yang because there are few of low level. A low level with good equip can get in the final with the curent sistem, so he earns more yang.

You will fight with players of your level until there are no more players left of your level so you start with the guys of higher level. I hope you understand.


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13.Jan.2020 01:19
as Dr. Who said, there is no point in repeating.
At the moment, it is very well developed.


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15.Jan.2020 10:22
The sad moment when a lv 65 player gets in ring with a lv 117. Happened to me twice. Not fair at all. We, low level players will never get the final prize. Thats why its a PRO from me for TakeWithBread suggestions.


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18.Jan.2020 15:44
yea the system is not even well developed we need atleast
3 different dojangs for lvls like 61-90 90-105 105-117


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18.Jan.2020 16:49
There is not anymore a finale prize, so what would be the point to make on separate categories ? As long as there is a registered player for duel close to your level you will fight with him, if not you will fight with whats left.

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