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Dear players,

We prepared some important changes and one new feature:

1. Monsters will be able to move through block areas like in the past, however you cant call them from that areas and if you call them from allowed areas, but go to block zones they will stop following you (so this means everything will be ok as long as you dont leave the maps walkable zone), but monsters will now be able to move through objects like in the past and they will not return to initial spawn zone if they hit an object.

2. You cant be killed if you wear a rod to fish.

3. When a member of your guild posts something in Guild Whisper page, the whisper will appear and flash like a normal pm now, and if you want to not receive anymore notifications from it you have to press the Ignore button, and if you want to receive them back you press the ignore button again.

4. Solved the bug in which Lord Monkey is not receiving hit damage.

5. Private Guild Map: This map is only for you and your guild members, nobody can enter in your private guild map. The map contains several npcs and you can do anything in it. By default this map will have the same design for all guilds, but i plan to develop it more and the guild leaders will be able to obtain custom designed private maps for their guilds in close future. For now we plan to make this maps obtainable only with big amounts of yang. How will you be able to enter in your guild map? A new option will be added on the guild window.

6 Changed dice command (to avoid frauds, you can dice with a random number from 1 to 100). You cant change for example to dice from 10 to 40.

7. You are no more immortal if you wear a rod, instead fishing areas are now safezones.

8. Christmas stones have less hp, monsters gives more yang & experience (the same as halloween one did)

9. You cant kill same players you killed in the last 2 minutes. We had this option in the past, but was disabled to be rewritten for better optimisation. (at war of characters)

10. In war of characters the level difference with collision is not working right, so i changed with: You can move through everyone, but when you are attacking you cant.

11. You know that even you have the pets hidden you still see them when they are spawning or you walk for a longer distance, they will respawn near to you and you will see them for 1 second before they get again hidden. You also know that in map1 the pets are auto-hidden and is very important for them to be visible when they spawn for the new players who they dont know yet about the hide option. But now, we made an improvement and while you fight players, with the hide option active, the pets will be completly hidden(support buffer, pets, mounts)

12. When you mute the guild chat, the mute will be saved for the rest of the day and when the day passes it will auto-unmute.

13. More spawn locations in war of characters map.

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