Game presentation
Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!
An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
Are these giants really strong titans? It remains to be seen

Moderators recruitment


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09.Aug.2019 18:26
Hello. I will choose some moderators on Sunday. Make sure you apply until then.


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09.Aug.2019 18:48
Hi, Ive been playing metin for about 5, 6 years, Ive been playing metin for a month and a half. Im 15. My name is Adam. My character in the game is TopCzechMental, mainly focused on PvP fights


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10.Aug.2019 04:06
1.So basically im a grown man who started to play metin since i was a little kid1012 years im just thinking how time flied ..aah i wanna go back so hard.Oh and i got 20 years and i love pets !
2.Started to play this metin in 2017 i think ? but then i got some exams and i was really busy,now started again.
3.To be honest,i play atleast 10h/a day and u guys can check that ! falled in love again with this server
5.Yellow for life.
7. I speak romanian and english .
Thank u :


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11.Aug.2019 22:02
Buna ma numesc Alexandru am 24 de ani si joc metin de 8 ani, 5 ani Metin2Ro si Privat server 3 ani.
Calliope joc de 5 sau 6 Luni serverul este foarte Frumos si foarte misto si as-i dori sa ajut serverul cu un MOD in limba Germana.
Locuiesc in Germania de 8 ani Vorbesc si scriu limba Germana foarte bine am facut scoala aici in germania in germania am venit cand aveam 16 ani.
Numele la cont e: AlexLrnTara
Vadoresc o zii buna si ma-si bucura de un raspuns


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12.Aug.2019 17:28
Who still want to apply for moderator add me on discord Klaus#9330

26.Aug.2019 update:


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11.Sep.2019 10:57
Some things about you : Hello, my name is Krisztina, im 31 years old :)
I am Hungarian, i love and like to play :))

Since when youve been playing here: i playing this server 5 months ago, but i have 5-6 years metin2-experience :)
Im online every day, i have more knowledge with pvm, and almost all have pvp :)

How many hours do you play daily on average: i playing broadly 2-5 hours daily, but it may take 10-12 hours.

Your nickname from game: SilverMoon :)

Your Kingdom: all time Blue (:

Your Guild: AlphaTeam

Native language/ the language you speak: my native language is Hungarian, i can speak english yet.

Thank you for your attention :)


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19.Sep.2019 18:54
Hello. I want to be Turkish and Mod. Im 15 hours a day. Ive Been Playing Metin2 For 6 Years. I loved this game so much, I decided to stay here.
red flag
my name:ZLERYO
Im averaging 15 hours in the game.

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