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Moderators recruitment


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Dear players,

This topic is permanently open for recruiting new moderators. Moderators are similar to normal players, but have certain responsibilities:

1. They help in maintaining a harmonious game environment.
2. They can help players with answers to questions.
3. They help with the translation of the game.
4. They help with testing the updates we do.

Moderators can be identified by the prefix of the in-game name [mod] and they have a special power: block chat (from 5 to 60 mins). They have to keep proof for the mute in case they are reported or i ask for it.

Moderators can earn coins if they help with translations

If you want to apply, answer with:

1. Player name
2. The year you started playing here
3. The total number of minutes played on your main character
4. The languages you know
5. Real average hours you can stay online
6. If you belong to a guild, name it
7. Your kingdom
8. If youve ever been on a game team

Moderators rules can be seen at this link

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05.Aug.2019 18:11
1. Some things about you: My name is Guilherme, Im 20 years old. I am Brazilian, I like to play, but I work on what I like.
2. Since when youve been playing here:rnI started my games seven months ago. I was looking for challenges and Calliope provided me and provides every time I enter the game. because of uMiscaro videos.
3. How many hours do you play daily on average: Thanks to my work at home, I can spend a good part of my day in the game, being very clear, part of the afternoon and evening, giving him plenty of time for the game.Stimulated real time: 8 to 10 hours per day.
Your nickname from game:Namill
4. Your kingdom: yellow
5. Your guild:leader Ordem
6. Native language the language you speak: Portuguese PT/BR Fluent, English Intermediate.


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05.Aug.2019 18:16
My name is Diogo, 18, I am from Portugal.. I speak both Portuguese and Enligsh, Portuguese being my native lang. I am a very polite person, responsable and I like to help others in every way I can I saw this as an opportunity to do that , I am kinda shy but funny. I play Metin since 2015, being Callipoe the only server at the moment I enjoy playing. Been playing for about 1 month maybe more I play 23 hours every day, ingame I am Elysian, I am from Shinsoo Kingdom and I am a part of Offline Shinsoo Guild .
Currently, Calliope is the only Server I play, so trying to Mod is one way I can be a part of the community, being closer to the players and I can help more then I already do, also I see this as an opportunity to explore some of my ideas.


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05.Aug.2019 19:20
I am 21 years old and I am writing 9 to 10 years. As long as I accompany you, I play all kinds of servers. Of course I like the boss base more. 2. Ive already played with some of my friends. But I started again at 0 and 3. Ive been here almost every day since Im on vacation. 4. fPres / MyLifeMyWay / MyLifeMyWay / MyLifeMyWay / Freyza 5. Red 6. LegendTeams Created by me 7.
Turkish and English


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05.Aug.2019 21:47
I am Michal from Poland.I am 19 years old. I am playing metin2 since 2006 so my expirience with this game is huge. I have played on hundreds of private servers and I was leader of tens of guilds.
On this server I am playing like 1.5 week and I have 7days online time.I really enjoy playing this server because of some futures that I see for the first time like for example reborn. My main character was Lycan AntoniGermanski but I decided to switch to Sura NazwaPostaci. Currently playing in shinsoo. On both characters I have secound reborn. I am trying to be helpful if some players are messaging me in game and asking about gameplay/server. I am patient and kind person. Now I have lots of free time because of vacations so I will be for sure online. Like I write above I was leader of lots of guild not only in metin2 so I think I am responsible. Now some about development ideas. I could for example fix some of polish translation in game. I have also some ideas about life quality for example the reinforce Item could add 4 bonuses instead of 1 and have 100 to add it.
Lang: pl, eng


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06.Aug.2019 07:20
Good morning, I hereby recruit me to calliope2 team member !!

Name: Luis Silva
Parents: Portugal

Job: I work in a refractory lisbon company. I am already in the company for 6 years as a team leader I work for europe and abroad too!

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time game on the server calliope2!

What is your goal on calliope2 Server?
My goal in the server is to be able to attract people from all over the world to make known the server in which I also want to grow our community be English, Portuguese, Romania and the like. !!
In which I also want to grow the server can help improve can give another vision to the players and the people who are out !!

If you want to know anything more about me just connect me via discord: TuVaisDownXD#0141

Best Regards: TuVaisDownXD


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06.Aug.2019 11:03
1. My name is John i live in Portugal, i play metin2 have 10 years so i now all about the game, i m a good players i respect everyone, and i will bring some good ideas :D and im 18 years old.
2. I played for 1 year but i stopped in the middle so i came back 1 month ago.
3. I work, so i can play at night, the average is like 4 or 5 hours a day.
4. My nickname on the game is: SKYDIE.
5. I?m Red.
6. I make part of the red storm is and old Portuguese guild.
7. My native language is Portuguese.

The server have so many portuguese players and i think i m the right person to do that job.


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07.Aug.2019 11:49
My name is Hasan.Im 21 and Turkish player.I played too much XxXxX2 servers and i just like that game so i play everyday avaragely 6 hours with my friend i like this server and i will not broke up this sv, i study at university and nowadays im free because its my vacation so i want to be a mod because i enjoy answering from coming peoples questions
Nickname: Lykasto
Kingdom: Red
Guild: ForwarD
Language: Turkish and English

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