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GUIDE - PvM equipment (farmers)


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On Calliope, the best races to farm are Lycan, Warrior aura and Sura AM

Level 1-30

For start, add just a minim 2-3 bonuses on your items, its enough to resist:

Armors: 2000HP, 50 Attack value
Helmet: 30 regeneration pv, 8 speed attack
Weapons: 12 strength
Bracelet: 2000pv
Necklace: 2000pv , 10 critics
Earrings: 20 more objects
Shield: 12 strength, immune
Shoes: 2000HP, 10 critics

At level 30 you can buy weapons with average from Weapons Shop Dealer:

Switch many and add minimum 50 avg to them
At level 33, you can wear Ebony Earrings , they drop at mobs starting with map2, also at level 34 you can wear Golden Shoes, they also drop in map2

Starting with level 41 you can change the helmet and also the shield . They drop in Spider Dungeon 2, at mobs.
At Level 42, you can buy armor from Armor Shop Dealer from map1

As you grow in Level and start farming in Dungeons, you can start adding bonuses to your items that are used in that dungeon. For Slime, you can add undead on weapon, helmet, earrings, bracelet also on sash.

At Level 54 you can change your level 1 bracelet and necklace with heavens tears, they drop at stones in Sohan, also in SD2 and also in other farm maps.

At level 60 you can change your helmet, this drops at Blue Dragon in Grotto v4 (Beran Seatou), and at level 61 you can change your shield . Level 61 shields drop in sd2 , v3 and v4 at mobs.

At Level 52- 62 you can change bracelet, necklaces and earring with Soul Cristal, accessories with mobs, they drop in Garden.

At level 66 you can change your armor again into level 66 armors
. They drop at stones in Fire Country, Phantom Forest, Red Forest. These armors can be evolved.

At level 75 you can change your weapon. Level 75 average weapons drop in v3, v4 at mobs, and also in Azrael chests. You can also change your shoes with qilins shoes . They drop at Beran Seatou, or you can evolve them from lvl 66 Phoenix shoes.

At level 81 you can change your shield , triangle shield drops at Garden, but also you can use titan shield, but it doesnt have mobs on it.

At level 85 you can change your weapons into Ganesha weapons
, you can craft them at Ganesha, with items that drops at Ganesha run.
You will need for upgrading :
+1 +2 +3 - 10 golden buckle, 10 ring, 5 chain
+4 +5 +6 - 10 ring, 10 chain, 5 jewellery
+7 +8 +9 - 10 chain, 10 jewellery, 5 flame, 5 ice flame
At level 90-100 you can start wearing Fire Shoes , for extra monsters bonus, they drop at Razador.
They have 25% chance of improvement and you will need for each + level:
50x Cianit, 50x The Elixir of the Gods, 50x The Soul of Truth, 50x The Fruit of the Gods

At level 100-115 you can wear pvm armors that drop at Nemere. To upgrade them you need for each +level:

50x Nemere boxes, 50x Nemere hearts, 50x Moonstone, 50x Mithril

At level 110 - 117 you can add owl helmet, for extra avg.

For extra bonuses you can add:

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