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GUIDE - Flying Mounts - drop and bonuses


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Calliope is the first public server that created its own flying mount system. You can fly for real and adjust your height in real time with up and down arrows from your keyboard.
With ctrl + h you can deactivate or activate flying because this will help you farm comfortably without the need to always adjust the height in order to be able to attack the enemy.

Flying mounts can be bought from Itemshop or can be dropped ingame. I made a list with the flying mounts available now in game and in Itemshop.

Mount Sfinx
This mount can be dropped at Thai Lung in Giants Valley or Temple Huang. It offers +20% monsters, +20% mystics, +20% undead

Phoenix Blue / Phoenix Red
The Holy Seal obtained from the Demons Tower 2 (Shax). It offers you 25% orcs, 25% devil and 1500 more life points.
The Holy Seals available in Itemshop offers you +30% orcs, +30% devil and 2000 more life points.

Mount Dragon Purple
This mount can be dropped at Azrael. It offers Max HP +1500, +25% Undead +100 attack value.

Mount Dragon Blue
This mount can be dropped at Beran Seatou (Blue Dragon). It offers Max HP +1500, +25%Devils +100 attack value.

Fenghuang bird
This mount can be dropped at Giant Turtle from Aqua Cave. Offers you 25% strong against monsters, 100 attack value and 1500 life points.
Fenghuang bird(IS)
Offers you 30% strong against monsters, 30% strong against animals and 2000 life points.

Mount Swan
This mount can be dropped at Zodiac. It offers Max HP +1500, +25%Orcs +100 attack value.

Mount Owl
This mount can be dropped at Owlbus Dumbledore (Owls). It offers Max HP +1500, +25% Mystics +100 attack value.

Mount Bat
During Halloween Event you can craft this mount with items that drops from Halloween chests. It offers you +25% monsters, +25% animals, +25% undead

Blue ocean Horse / Violet ocean Horse / Magic Whale
This mounts can be found in Itemshop. It offers: +25% monsters, +25% animals, +25% undead.

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