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Xin Xiang

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Soo, im new to the server and i have a warrior farmer as first character. i lvled up fast at lvl 85 and somebody told me to farm in genisha until i got some items for bigger bosses.
My question is: Wich bonuses are the best for bigger dmg and to resist better at mobs ?
In the moment i can enter kill the mobs ( very hard ) they kill me and i think i can kill a boss in 20 minutes or so ( never did it )
My dmg is around 23k crit
I got the normal 54 accesories and abanos earrings with mystic on everything except poison sword with is 56%pgm
I got alchemy pretyy decent , and costumes at 500kk in shop ( cheap cuz i dont have money.
Can somebody tell me how can i do more dmg ?

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02.Nov.2020 17:43
pm me on Merlina ingame, please

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