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First, start playing with a farmer. Best character for farming is Lycan, then Warrior(Aura) then Sura (AM).

Level 1-10

1. In the beginning you will receive: a mount, teleport ring, bravery cape, block experience ring, weapon +9 and Apprentice chest I.

2. Open the Apprentice chest I, you will receive equipment items +9 and 4 permanent bonuses. At every 10 levels you will receive another chest after you open it.

3. Kill dogs/wolves to drop 5x Bellflower, 5x Peach Blossom and 1 Polymorph marble, and so you can buy Shaman Buffer, an amulet and a pet, from Starter, near the starter spot in each map1.
Shaman Buffer is permanent, you can activate it by Voting on site daily, you also get 3 vote coins that will be useful later. More info about Shaman buff:

4. At level 5 you can choose your skills, click Train from your quests.

5. Level up until 10 and go MAP 2 and farm at stones for books, stones and Poly globes. You can sell the Poly globes in shops ( to create an offline shop press K or click on “manunchi from down right corner). If you drop ebony earrings, keep them for later.

6. Stones, books, flowers, will go to your special inventory from U. You can sell stones +3 at the General Store. Flowers are good to make dews, but also you can sell them in your offline shop. Always check the prices on F11.
7. Every Wednesday you can change books with Mr. Soon. You can give him books that are not useful for you, and change until you get what you need. You can make Auras and sell them on an offline shop.
You can check for other Daily Events here:

Level 10 - 30
1. At level 10 open Apprentice Chest II. Add bonuses on your items with “Enchant Item that you receive from the chest, then press F10 to open Switchbot. Add you items in it and choose HP and Strength to be added mostly. 1-2 bonuses on each item for the start is enough.
2. At lvl 20 you will receive also Marble, so you can add a 5th bonus on your items. Also, go to Weapon Shop Dealer and buy level 30 weapons with Average Damage and put some in Switchbot with 50 avg minimum.
3. At lvl 30 you can use the Auto Attack from the down right corner. It will make you character attack automatically and also will call monsters around you if you have bravery cape in your inventory.
Auto Attack is not available in map1, sd1, 2, 3.

Level 30 - 40
1. You can start farming in Orcs Valley, at stones. You could also sell Soul stones in offline shop, or keep them to use them later for crafting a permanent costume at Wahdan Tailor
Drop Stones:
2. Build your alchemy. You will start dropping cor draconis from monsters, here is a useful guide about alchemy:
Also at the alchemist, you can give him all items that you dont need, level 35+, and you will receive Energy fragments. You can sell them or you can make Energy Crystals from them, to bust you bonuses with 7 or 10%, or sell them as well.

Level 40-70
1. Build an equipment with undead, and go to Slime, in Orcs Valley, or use CTRL+D. You will drop 10 books for your race +1kkk. Stay on this level and farm Slime until you get P for all skills
Guide for Slime:
2. You could also farm in Spider Dungeon 1 at Queen Spider for fine cloth, to craft a scarf at Theowahdan.
More info about scarves:
Experience Rings that you drop are good to sell in offline shops.
3. Starting with level 65 you could go farm in Giants Valley, the boss there, drops flying mount. Also go at SD 3 and farm big Spider Queen.

Level 70-80
1. At this level you could farm in the Season Event map. The Halloween Event is present now, but over the year there are other Events like this. Now, you can farm pumpkins, and sell them, or make halloween chests and sell them, or just open them and use/sell the items you receive.
Halloween Event:
2. At Seatou monsters in V3 +V4 you could farm for level 75 avg weapons. There you could also drop flowers, demon ashes which are good to sell.
3. You could also farm at this level at DT1, 2, Ice Witch, Blue Dragon, Azrael. On ctrl+D you also have level access at each boss. Drops are good to sell, or keep them to upgrade items. Some are used to craft permanent costumes at Wahdan Tailor.
Boss Drops here:

Level 80-95
1. You can go to the Garden (ctrl+D) and drop accessories+shield with monsters +2.5kkk + other useful items, for you or good to sell. More info about Garden -
2. After building a strong set with mystics, you could start farming at Ganesha (ctrl+d). Here you receive upgrade items to evolve level 75 weapons with average into ganesha weapons with 2 extra bonuses added (+6% avg and+14% monsters at +9). Drop is also good to sell, clasp, fabrics, engraving knives are used to evolve other items and also are used to craft permanent costumes.
Ganesha guide -
3. At Level 90 you can farm at Razador (fire shoes+upgrade items) and Nemere (pvm armours+upgrade items) to complete your pvm set. Pvm items are expensive to make but are also selling well.

Useful links:
Game Updates -
Guides -

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Threads: 44
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