An entire continent is waiting to be discovered. Is it full of gold ?
New magic equipment made of blood and flesh of the zodiac gods
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Look at what poseidon has became, a statue. Hydra must be stopped!

Golden Valley and personalised costumes


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16.Oct.2020 12:57
Since last year you can make costumes with 2k pv and 120 attack with no hard work during the seasonal events which are permanent so basically since last year every day players made tons of costumes like that and nobody argued perso costumes should be updated, and they wont.

Now about spots i went to golden valley and used bravery cape in all spots and all mobs went to me, so i havent found any spots with any kind of bug.

Everyone should read Kitsury post from first page.


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16.Oct.2020 13:38
Leminoux, I advise you to read my opinion again.
I may not agree with the suggestions, but that doesnt make me right or wrong. I dont decide that.
I wrote my opinion with deba arguments. If you cannot argue with me correctly, it is not because you write with CAPSLOCK on that you will speak louder or be more certain than me.
I accept the opinion of others, just as I hope they will respect mine too, even if is against.


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17.Oct.2020 08:27
There are other good spots to level up, just fly above and search for yourself..

Thank you Kitsury!!


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11.Mar.2021 03:46
PRO for Personalised costumes


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11.Mar.2021 06:10
You can now transmute any old perso to a new permanent costume from itemshop also Dytzu this is an old post, check the date

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