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Unlimited duration potts


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Hello Team,

please make potts, dragon stuff, taus and so on with no duration. It makes so easyer or make the time higher.

Best regards

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03.Oct.2020 12:14
No duration means bad economy. Some items have time so players keep buying them keeping the market alive.


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05.Oct.2020 15:38
I agree with TheOne.
Suggesting potions with unlimited time will completely destroy a large part of the internal market related to flowers drop, dew crafting and daily quests.

Increasing the time, is also unnecessary since a potion from the daily mission for example lasts 3 hours, when there are events on weekends that only last 1 hour.
Or even the dews that are bought in Packs of 20 and can reach 20 minutes or 12 minutes.
I think there is enough time for the correct use of the potions.

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