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1. Letter K replace 000 in shops, or trade

2. Max bonuses have other color

3. Critical hit new color

4. If someone is poisoned, his HP bar is green

5. Window to drag CHOSEN powerups, and use them
for example
(in my opiniion this is better than shortcuts)

6. Add pets books and manual help&rejection to book inventory

7. Add teleport button close to available dungeons
(as i said, i dont like shortcuts)

8. Add to this button function to only STACK items, without segregation

9. information about pets stats

10. Change egg nemere/razador/spider/monkey sell price in NPC to 200kk,
Why? there are a lot of them, they block a lot of space in the inventory
during farming, and hard to sell them

11. more slots in bonus switcher,
or possibility to open more bonus switchers

12. Example from other server, information about drop when hovering over

13. Change tags in shop search (
for more useful.
my proposition:
-Weapon costume
-Pets ( seals )
-Pet system (pets eggs, pet system seals)
-Exp items (experience iitems, sage kings
gloves,thiiefs gloves, medal of dillgence)

why? Noone looking for books, weapons etc in tags,
only writting their name in shop search

14. Maybe add lowest and highest yang price to shop search

15. infinite reinforce, which adds 5 bonuses instntly,
and remove blessing marble

16. Delete all uppitems from general store,
and items required for upgrade in low-level equipment.
This system is out-dated and senseless

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05.Jan.2020 01:28
Awesome bro.PRO !


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05.Jan.2020 05:50
1. No
2. No
3. No
4. Yes
5. Useless
6. I will check
7. You already have ctrl+d which is the fastest way to use
8. No, safety reasons
9. You already have this. You dont have the evolution, but evolution is by level so you already know.
10. They dont worth that price i guess
11. To lower the items prices ? no..
12. You have bosses/stones drop on wiki page
13. 05.01.2020 search shop received an update, maybe in the future the categories will be changed
14. You already have maximum price option to search shop, so that means you can write the amount you want to offer at max for an item
15. never
16. never.


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05.Jan.2020 13:41
10. Sell me those eggs

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