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I know is still warm and sunny outside, but is half of the 9th month. When will the christmass event start? I ask so we are not stuck with the cakes.

Also, is this the event with the okey card i hope.

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17.Sep.2020 17:28
I admire the desire to participate in an upcoming event, but there is still some time before Christmas, 2020 unfortunately still has 3 more months to go before it ends.

In fact, there will be a Halloween event in the middle, I hope.

The previous Christmas event was this:

So it doesnt appear to me that there is an Okey Card event.
I think it would be an interesting event suggestion, depending on the distribution of the rewards.


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17.Sep.2020 17:54
There will be halloween event, okey card event and christmass.


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17.Sep.2020 19:38
Well a few month back i suggested the okey card event to be added, because is an amazing event that so many like, and some one from the team said that it an event from the christman event.

So, i dont know, but i really hope it will exist. Is something that can take time to play that card game, so is trully great.

And the hollowean event, if it will exist, that is great.

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