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Update 22.08.2020 - Switchbot tickets


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Dear players,

Blazing Purgatory, Blue Dragon, Jade dragon received a remake. The dungeons were too easy to finish and a little boring so I added elements to make the process more fun. They have more taks and also the translation was improved.
Auto attack is not working while you fight a player.
You can change your items while fighting a monster, in player vs player the rule stays unchanged.
Your skills remains active if you die.

Dungeon tickets:

Evey last dungeon boss will drop one dungeon ticket with 50% drop chance. With 100 dungeon tickets you can activate a bonus that will increase your switchbot change speed with 25% for 2 days. The tickets can be traded, but are available for 2 days too like the bonus.

Explained a little simpler:
1. One ticket with 50% drop chance.
2. 100 tickets = 25% switch speed for 2 days.
3. Can be traded, but tickets will expire in 2 days.

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