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Update 03.08.2020 - Wines


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Dear players,

1. The attendant level is updated in real time now.
2. The hidden costume no longer becomes visible if you dont have an armor equipped.
3. When the costumes are hidden the green button is replaced with a red one. (there are people who hide their suit and then they ask why it is invisible).
4. When you trade you are no longer taken off the mount for any item you put, but if you want to sell the mount you are riding you will have to get down first.
5. Sushi has an increased duration of 10 minutes from 10 seconds, but it costs a litle more yang, and if you already have the effect active you cant use it again, so that you dont use them unnecessarily with ctrl + v. Same with green, purple potions and fish (related to the already active effect).

6. You can grow in Nephrite just as you grow in the enchanted forest, both being maps of the same level (it offers the same exp as in the forest, but i have also reduced the respawn time of the monsters).
7. I replaced the Pomegranate Juice drop with Pomegranate Wine, which is a newly designed item that gives you 10% of your hp with a cooldown of 1 second, so that autoclicker is no longer abused.

There is a 10 second cooldown if you try to use old wines + new wines.
Old wines can be obtained from the voting shop, in the game they are replaced by new ones.
Old wines will not be removed from players inventories.
The new wine will specify on the chat how much hp gave you.

To see the difference between the two wines, what they actually look like, I prepared two videos:

1. How old wines regenerates hp (without autoclicker in this video)

2. How new wines regenerates hp (and without being able to spam ever)

Point 7 is subject to change. The players proposed a change to me several times, but they didn't know how to explain exactly what they wanted, so this is the solution I found. Test and see what and how.

Maintenance will start this morning around 07:00 EEST.

Have fun!

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