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Server update 23.06.2020 - 26.06.2020


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This morning at 05:00 EEST there will be another update. You will have a new type of duel, the tactical duel in which critical, hp absortion, sp absortion, block, dodge, stun, poison and slow movement affects are disabled.


1. The pets with level will automatically spawn after every teleport even if you initially called them from taskbar.
2. The bosses from Ganesha no longer reach areas where you cannot enter.
3. The search shop list is updated at every item purchase (there were some cases when it didnt)
4. I added below minimap hour also the date so that i no longer receive old complaints.
5. I fixed the effect of the guild skills (they were white).
6. I removed the two white dots on the left side of the screen in the corner.


Today I solved some bugs in pvp / pvm. Heres what:

1. You can no longer unequip items while attacking. A certain method was used to amplify the attack count.
2. You can no longer accept a party invitation during a duel. A certain method was used to amplify the attack amount without your enemy to notice.
3. Stun and slowing has a maximum limit of 3 seconds. They used the group to increase the stun period up to 10 seconds.
4. You can now get out of the observatory mode when participating in guild wars using the exit observator button from the right of your screen.
5. Stones located in the enchanted forest no longer spawn in non-reaching areas.

6. You receive 1kkk/kill at war zone.


Todays update includes:

1. You can set a player limit at guild wars.
2. If player limit reached the rest of the players will be set as spectators.
3. You can set if the war is public or private (other players that are not part of one of the guilds involved in the war, wont be able to enter as spectators is the war is set as private).
4. You can hide all language flags and medals from esc system options.
5. In every kingdom its a new npc where you can test your damage. - the npcs cannot be killed.
6. The minipet panel position was changed to not overlap with the top kills panel at war zone.
7. The kills panel from war zone will show from the beginning of the event.
8. The blessing of the dragon in dungeons have 5 seconds cooldown, and outside dungeons 60 seconds.

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Threads: 71
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24.Jun.2020 09:32
24.06.2020 new update.


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24.Jun.2020 21:37
Wines are almost as strong as instants still with no cooldown if you have a large ammount and slot them (shamans and bow ninjas, who have space on their keybinds)


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24.Jun.2020 21:47
There was cooldown on wines, but players wanted it removed.


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25.Jun.2020 23:22
Duel type details added.


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25.Jun.2020 23:41
could you please warn the players that you will change dojand with war? can you add some message or something, cuz i got really salty after enter the client and people telling me that there was a event and i missed it and lost my previous top 1, its not the frist time you do this xd.
oh yeah, can the tactical duel be without stun too? that would be 100% clean duel without 50/50 luck involved


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26.Jun.2020 00:23
the implementation of tactical duel murdered most 1-1 item sets (necklaces with blackout) swords with blackout and poison and root helms, shoes etc. It is a PvM server, we cant throw them away like underwear. this needs to be reversed in my opinion.


Threads: 71
Posts: 3878
26.Jun.2020 00:41
Answer for ViikinG:

I wasnt home to start the dojang. It was a late hour to start dojang and there wouldnt have been participants so instead i made the war, but this was an exception.

- And yes, stun is disabled.

Answer for sajfcaikf:

Tactical duel is everyones choice. You can chose between tactical and normal duel anytime without any limit. Calliope is not only a pvm server, we are focused in pvp more than any other servers. We provide and always provided diversified game content.

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