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Summer event - 14.06.2020


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Dear players,

First of all, I want to wish success to those who start the exams next week. For those who are at their first exam you will pass with no problems, there is nothing that can put you down.

The warrior who can teleport you to the summer map is located in each of the three kingdoms.

Drop level: 50-90
Required bonus: Half-humans

Clean the area of the fierce creatures of nature and with the obtained ice cream cups change them to warrior in ice cream cakes.

The cake contains ordinary items as in any seasonal event, but some of them can be used to create new and special items (costumes, hairstyles, weapon skins, pets and strong mounts).

Costumes and Hairstyles:

- 2000 life points, 120 attack value.
- 1000 life points, 15% strong against monsters.

Weapon skins:

- Attack value 20, 10% strong against monsters.


- 25% strong against monsters, 25% animals, 25% undeads.

The Camel:
- 30% strong against monsters, 30% animals, 30% undeads.


- 2000 life points, 15% strong against monsters, 80+ attack points.

Monster leaders:
In this map you can find 3 monster leaders who drops gold bars. They respawn at every 15 minutes. Also the map is protected from pvp and anti-afk farm measures.

- Close to the place of spawn.
- After the bridge.
- On the beach.

- All items are obtained both in the game and itemshop.

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14.Jun.2020 10:12
As i saw, you need 200-300 icecream cakes, and not 200-300 cups of icecream, that means that this will have value, because you need so many to make the event skins/mounts.

I hope the value in the ithemshop will be the same, and not the usual 50-100 Coins. Because MD are quite cheap in the game, so why farm, if you can get the new skin so easy. I hope the price will be in the 300-400 Calliope coins, in the ithem shop, for each.


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14.Jun.2020 10:31
And i say all that, because there are a lot of vouchers in the game, so players will consume some of them, and it will increase their price.


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14.Jun.2020 12:56
They wont be added yet in the itemshop. Soon yes.


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15.Jun.2020 14:51
its almost impossible to farm the weapons, frist you cant do it afk, second for you to craft a skin or whatever you need 50 packs of cups or something to get 200 ice cream cake, impossible =)))


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15.Jun.2020 18:21
Thats because ive mistaken the cups with the cakes. But merlos was right about value, so ive adjusted the amount. Its 20 cakes now and the cups drop rate is bigger. Thats possible to do and keeps the items value.


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15.Jun.2020 19:19
I actually thought it is 300 cakes, and it would be ok like that. What else to do for 2-3 month, the entire event. It is good that it takes a lot.

I actually would have like with a great amount, but since some already made products, it no longer can be changed.

If the game is a little harder, is not a bad thing, because there isnt much to do. Except of course, fight and fight at pvp, for no reason. Some like that( great for them). Rather then a new dungeon, or some skin, a different kind of add should happen. The potions, i said a few times, and since there is no replay, i think other dont believe is a good ideea. Then, at every new event, add better skins, mounts and constumes. I saw at the constume 15% instead of 10%( very good), but also for the mount, because why make them? just for the new look?


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15.Jun.2020 19:39
15% is on hat not the same bonuses like easter event

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