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Infected Garden - Guide


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Ctrl + D - Infected Garden (option 2)


Level: 80-95
Bonus required: Undead
Waiting time: 30 minutes

Room 1:
Kill all the monsters (two respawns) and the garden stone to drop a strong potion made from plants.

The garden stone

Move the strong potion to the old container to get 1x beautiful key

Old container

Room 2:
Step 1: Kill 5 garden stones
Step 2: Kill all the monsters
Step 3: Kill the big plant and drop another beautiful key.

The big plant

Room 3:
1. Kill all the monsters
2. Destroy the stone to drop the lymphatic stone

The Stone

3. Move the lymphatic stone to the enchanted fountain.

Enchanted fountain

Second respawn:
1. Destroy 7 stones and drop lymphatic stone
2. Move the lymphatic stone to the enchanted fountain

Third respawn:
1. Kill all the monsters
2. Kill the Bad Plant and drop the lymphatic stone

Evil garden stone

Move the lymphatic stone on the enchanted fountain, and two bosses will be spawned. Destroy them to drop another lymphatic stone to put the l. stone on an enchanted fountain.

After you do this you will only have one enchanted fountain left, and another boss will be spawned which will give you the next lymphatic stone. Use it on the last remaining fountain. Then you will receive a beautiful key and you have to move the key on the door at the end of the room.

Room 4:
Now you have to destroy 5 stones, after you destroy the stones a big wave of monsters will appear. After the monsters are destroyed, you must destroy 5 stones, and then another wave of monsters will be spawned.

After that wave, a boss will appear. Defeat him to advance to the next room. The bosom also drops gold bars.

Room 5:
You need to talk to the fallen npc on the ground (Poisoned Botany).

He will ask you to give him a bottle of water that falls from monsters, and then some mushrooms. The mushrooms are brown and have white name above them. Click on them to collect.

After you give him the mushrooms he finds out that they were poisoned and he has no way of escape. You will receive the key for the next floor.

Last room:
1. Destroy the monsters.
2. Destroy the evil Plant - Drop Bad Fire.
3. Move the Bad Fire on the bees hives.

4. From hives some bees will come out and you have to kill them.

5. Tyrant boss appears. Drop: pvm accessories, gold bars, pets, mounts, pvm costume and wind talisman.

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